5 Daily Gratitudes — Facebook, Twitter or Blog Challenge

I’ve been keep­ing a daily jour­nal of five things I’m grate­ful for, on a daily basis, for almost a year now thanks to Alyson B. Stan­field and her awe­some “Blast Off” online pro­gram for artists.  The act of set­ting it down on paper itself is some­thing that only takes a minute, but has long-lasting impact. It was a gen­tle reminder to me to acknowl­edge the things in my life that make it worth living.

It’s helped me a lot. Form­ing this kind of habit has set me on a pos­i­tive note every day. Review­ing those pre­cious things I’m grate­ful for is a WOW moment. Span­ning every­thing from “the mir­a­cle of a blade of grass” to “my beau­ti­ful son”, it’s been a reflec­tive moment for me each day to hon­our and cher­ish the mir­a­cles, big and small that are all around us.

Like any­thing worth­while in life, I am of the opin­ion that some­thing so won­der­ful needs to be shared and I’m always curi­ous about what my fel­low human beings are thank­ful for in their lives. While it’s amaz­ing for me per­son­ally to sit qui­etly in a comfy chair with jour­nal and foun­tain pen in hand each day and mark these five small mir­a­cles (often there are so many more)…I think it’s a good idea to share them out with the world, and so I’ve started a cat­e­gory here on the blog enti­tled, “5 Daily Grat­i­tudes” and a cor­re­spond­ing Twit­ter stream with the hash­tag #5DailyGratitudes where I’ll post my dailies and invite you to join me.

I’d love noth­ing more than to see what you are grate­ful for in your life. Mul­ti­plied, we are mighty!

Like Louis Arm­strong says….What a won­der­ful world…

Par­tic­i­pate In
“5 Daily Grat­i­tudes – Twit­ter & Blog Challenge”:

On This Blog

1) Sub­scribe to this blog feed by enter­ing your email in the lit­tle box at the top right cor­ner.
2) Look for an email (almost) every day from me that will list my 5 Daily Grat­i­tudes.
3) Click on the link, and com­ment with your 5 Daily Grat­i­tudes.
4) Or write your 5 Daily Grat­i­tudes on your own blog and share it with us here.
4) Savour all the won­der that we have as human beings, in our world.

On Twit­ter

1) Join Twit­ter (if you haven’t already.)
2) Tweet your 5 Daily Grat­i­tudes, and be SURE TO INCLUDE with the hash­tag #5DailyGratitudes and option­ally @JanTanton at the end of it (so I see it right away).
3) Have a look at the stream and see all the won­der­ful won­ders of won­der­ment we have as a collective.

On Face­book

1) Join me on Face­book by “lik­ing” my page.
2) Look for the 5 Daily Grat­i­tudes Post­ing of the Day.
3) Com­ment on the post by enter­ing your own 5 Daily Grat­i­tudes.
4) Love it and reflect!


Why Liv­ing A Life of Grat­i­tude Can Make You Happy

My 2012 Daily Grat­i­tude Journal

  • http://www.janicetantonblog.com/ Jan­ice Tanton

    Jan­u­ary 7, 2012 — I’m grate­ful for:
    Flan­nel Sheets
    Vanessa Red­grave
    Long hair on lit­tle girls

  • http://www.janicetantonblog.com/ Jan­ice Tanton

    So cool! Here is what Lee-Anne from Tas­ma­nia has started on her blog too. So won­der­ful to see all these amaz­ing thanks for things in our lives.


  • http://www.janicetantonblog.com/ Jan­ice Tanton

    Jan­u­ary 8, 2012 — I’m thank­ful for:
    chil­dren on hol­i­days
    hold­ing hands with any­one in pub­lic
    red iron oxide
    foun­tain pens.
    #5DailyGratitudes #gratitude

  • http://www.janicetantonblog.com/ Jan­ice Tanton

    Jan­u­ary 9, 2012 — I’m grate­ful for:

    Teenagers that get up for school
    finan­cial plan­ning
    bran buds
    Leonardo da Vinci

  • http://www.janicetantonblog.com/ Jan­ice Tanton

    Jan­u­ary 10, 2012 — I’m grate­ful for:

    Snowy win­ter moun­tain morn­ings
    Cof­fee with friends
    paper snowflakes
    fra­grant can­dles
    hair elastics

  • http://www.janicetantonblog.com/ Jan­ice Tanton

    Jan­u­ary 11, 2012 — I’m super thank­ful for:

    Sharp scis­sors
    artist friends
    accoun­tant friends
    sen­ti­men­tal greet­ing cards
    period costumes.


  • http://www.janicetantonblog.com/ Jan­ice Tanton

    Jan­u­ary 12, 2012 — Oh boy…I’m so grate­ful for:
    Crazy fuzzy mit­tens and hats
    Men with babies
    Bas­kets with sur­prises

  • http://www.janicetantonblog.com/ Jan­ice Tanton

    Jan­u­ary 13, 2012 — Wow, first Fri­day the 13th of the year. I’m über-grateful for:
    Lit­tle girls in pink
    Worn Peb­bles from the beach

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