Top 10 “Hell Is….” List For Artists

Hieronymus Bosch - Detail from "Hell"
Detail from "Hell" - Hieronymus Bosch circa 1500. Oil on Panel.

Hell is…

1) Watching paint dry & not having room in your studio to start another idea.

2) An audit.

3) Your darling wide-eyed child tugging at your shirt and saying, “I love you.”… JUST when you get into the zone.

4) Anyone who looks at your work and then says they can’t draw a straight line. (yeah…me either. I use a ruler.)

5) Not enough time alone.

6) Too much time alone.

7) Waiting for gallery payments to arrive.

8) Deciding whether to feed your family or buy a tube of cadmium red paint.

9) After buying the cadmium red paint, whether you should feed it to your family.

10) Finding out that Steven Harper is actually your REAL father.

Bonus HELL: WordPress autonomously inserting that little smiley face in item #8 above.

Yeah, that’s how we burn, baby, burnnnn……

What are your hell moments as an artist? Share here….or risk the burn.


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