How To Make Small Wire Armatures for Sculpture Projects

Here, I’m going to teach you how to make small wire sculpture armatures that you can use for sculpture, stop motion animation, school projects or just to create fun, posable figures.

Possessing a  number of different tools and skills in your bag as an artist allows you to find different forms of expression for your ideas. One of the things I love doing is to create sculptural works.

In order to have a strong and expressive sculpture, the “bones” of a good armature are necessary. Here are the instructions and material requirements to how make small (approx 8-9″) armatures for the human form.


1/16″ gauge aluminum sculpture wire – 1 piece – 44″ long and 1 piece 5″ long.

Enjoy! Let me know what you make. I’d be thrilled to share photos of your work here on the blog, so please send them to me.

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