Loving the Studio Facelift! – Before & After Photos.

Brushes!I’ve been busy “spring” cleaning…(for three months.) Actually, I’m doubtful that spring actually is coming to the mountains, this year. The first room in the house to be finished…is the studio!

With a bit of elbow grease, help from the family, a new chair and two trips to IKEA, we were able to “containerize” and set up a space that serves as a multi-purpose area for creativity. Here, I meet clients, paint, research, do my office work and film-editing.

Total budget for the facelift, which included the new purchases of baskets, shelving, magazine and CD containers, candles, copper floral buckets (for brushes), material for skirting the tables and desks, and a lovely new reading chair?

Loving my creative space with the family and FINDING stuff?

New works are on their way.


Here are the before and after photos:
















Storage area and shelves
Baskets store digital media, small canvasses & reference books


Reading corner and entrance to outside second story deck
A cozy corner for reading, studio guests and the entrance to the outside second story deck
The storage shelves - closer up
The storage shelving. Baskets were an excellent choice for me.
Drafting table work area and shelving
My drafting table and work area. Shelving behind acts as storage and a screen for large canvasses that are in progress.
The meeting corner.
Meeting area in the studio.
The Office corner
The office and film editing area of the studio.
The desk and my lucky bamboo.
My desk area and my lucky bamboo. I can edit on my larger monitor, and also enjoy a mountain view through the window.
My large easel and painting centre.
Easel and painting centre area.
Book shelving and business binders
Another reading corner with business reference binders.
Another view of a reading corner
Another view of a reading corner.


Seating/reading corner
Another shot of the seating/reading corner
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