“Ponokami­taa — The Spirit of The Horse” cel­e­brates the rela­tion­ship between man, horse, spirit and the land in keep­ing with the artist’s cross-cultural expe­ri­ence with her adopted Black­foot family.

Ponokami­taa means “Elk-dog” in Black­foot. The horse was as big and as strong and grace­ful like an elk (Ponoka), but with the social rela­tion­ship of a dog (Mitaa), and more than able to do the work of a dog around the camps. It is said that the spirit of horses are heal­ing and sacred.

Come and learn more in an open­ing cel­e­bra­tion and Artist’s Talk on Sat­ur­day July 12th


“Ponokami­taa — The Spirit of the Horse” will open on July 3rd at Gib­son Fine Art in Cal­gary, Alberta and run through the Cal­gary Stam­pede to July 19th. Pre-sales cur­rently tak­ing place.

Loca­tion :: Gib­son Fine Art, 628 11th Ave, SW, Cal­gary AB (403) 244‑2000

Date: July 3rd — July 19th

Artist Talk/Meet & Greet: July 12th, 2:00 — 4:00 p.m.

"Ponokamitaa - Heals The Soul" ©2014 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen panel. 12"x12" plus frame.

Ponokami­taa — Heals The Soul” ©2014 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen panel. 12“x12” plus frame.

"Siksika Ponokamitaa" ©2014 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen panel. (Framed) 12"x12"

Sik­sika Ponokami­taa” ©2014 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen panel. (Framed) 12“x12”

"Nitawahsin" ©2014 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen panel. (Framed) 8"x10"

Nitawahsin” ©2014 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen panel. (Framed) 8“x10”

"Starlight Journey" ©2014 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen panel. (Framed) 8"x10"

Starlight Jour­ney” ©2014 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen panel. (Framed) 8“x10”

"Naatoyiitapiiksi_Ponokamitaa" (Powerful Spirit Beings Horse) ©2014 Janice Tanton.  Oil on canvas. 40"x60"

Naatoyiitapiiksi_Ponokamitaa” (Pow­er­ful Spirit Beings Horse) ©2014 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on can­vas. 40“x60”

"Little Medicine Horse" ©2014 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen. 30"x30"

Lit­tle Med­i­cine Horse” ©2014 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen. 30“x30”

"Naamoi'staan Ponokamitaa" ©2014 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen. 30"x30"

Naamoi’staan Ponokami­taa” ©2014 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen. 30“x30”

"Aitapissko Ponokamitaa"  (Sacred Place with Living Presence Horse) ©2014 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen. 24"x48"

Aitapis­sko Ponokami­taa” (Sacred Place with Liv­ing Pres­ence Horse) ©2014 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen. 24“x48”

"Naatowa'pakaa Ponokamitaa" (Spiritual Comrade) ©2014 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen. 30"x30"

Naatowa’pakaa Ponokami­taa” (Spir­i­tual Com­rade) ©2014 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen. 30“x30”

"Iiyikssopaapii Ponokamitaa" (Hard Wind Old Man - a wind spirit who can be called upon for assistance.) ©2014 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen. 48"x63"

Iiyikssopaapii Ponokami­taa” (Hard Wind Old Man — a wind spirit who can be called upon for assis­tance.) ©2014 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen. 48“x63”

"Ponokamitaa - The Spirit of The Horse" ©2014 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen. 48"x72"

Ponokami­taa — The Spirit of The Horse” ©2014 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen. 48“x72”

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Work In Progress

Work In Progress

I view the prac­tice of paint­ing and the prac­tice of being an artist, a ‘work in progress’. In fact, I sup­pose that being a human being is all about ‘work in progress’.  It’s a verb. It’s a noun.

Work In Progress

Work In Progress

I often share my ‘work in progress’ through social media — and a lot of the time, it’s sole pur­pose is to be a record for me to be able to refer back to the devel­op­ment of a paint­ing or draw­ing. How­ever, I’ve noticed the com­ments that folks put for­ward — “Oh, I like it just like this.”…..“Please don’t do any­thing more to it — it’s fin­ished now.” …..“STOP! It’s beau­ti­ful now.”

Those com­ments are some­times tempt­ing to lis­ten to and for me to stop the paint­ing. They’re also a good reminder of how we each see a work dif­fer­ently and accord­ing to our point of view as well as our life’s experience.

What I love about the prac­tice of paint­ing is that it’s amaz­ing to me at any stage — that’s why I do it. Sure, there’s an idea — a con­cept and image in my mind for the work, but it’s never exactly what ends up on the linen. I know we all have ideas about what our lives should be like as well — but rarely do they turn out how we plan them. In my mind, noth­ing is ever finished.

It just ‘is’.


Work In Progress

Work In Progress?

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Janice Tanton sketch journal - Haida Gwaii, Burnaby Narrows

A page from my sketch jour­nal — Burn­aby Nar­rows, Haida Gwaii. ©2014 Jan­ice Tanton

I’d like to invite you to join me for a morn­ing of fun and art that is per­sonal to you. This sim­ple tech­nique of ink and water­colour will be some­thing you can use all your life to cre­ate and record those moments of impor­tance in your life.

Throw away that Insta­gram and Face­book post for a quick sketch and some penned thoughts

that will stay for­ever in your mind. This work­shop is suit­able for ages 9 — 99+ and total begin­ners. Even if you say you can’t draw a straight line or a stick draw­ing, this work­shop is for you! As part of the won­der­ful Banff /Lake Louise Tourism springstART Fes­ti­val, I look for­ward to wel­com­ing you to my home ter­ri­tory! Check it out — lots of great work­shops by artists who live and work in the val­ley, includ­ing soap­stone carving!

Date: April 19
Time: 9:30 am — 12 noon
Place: The Fair­mont Banff Springs Hotel, Norquay Room
Cost: $31.50 plus mea­gre supplies

How to reg­is­ter and short mate­ri­als list avail­able here:




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Donna Kennedy Glans

Donna Kennedy Glans

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, 2014 was a lucky day for Alberta — mostly for the Calgary-Varsity con­stituents who have Donna Kennedy-Glans, as their MLA. Donna has resigned her posi­tion as Assoc. Min­is­ter for Elec­tric­ity and Renew­able Energy and her mem­ber­ship in the PC Cau­cus. Here is her statement:

It is with great regret but also great opti­mism and hope that I announce that I am resign­ing my posi­tion as Asso­ciate Min­is­ter for Elec­tric­ity and Renew­able Energy and my mem­ber­ship in the PC Cau­cus today.

I moved to Cal­gary 30 years ago and I’ve been blessed to live in this incred­i­ble province ever since. My hus­band and I raised three sons here, I was a senior man­ager in large oil and gas com­pa­nies, and helped found a non­profit that brings hope to women, girls, and youth in Alberta and around the world.

As a lawyer, I have long been fas­ci­nated with eth­i­cal behav­iour in large orga­ni­za­tions, includ­ing co-authoring a book on how com­pa­nies can act with integrity. So when it came time to enter pub­lic life, I was excited about the oppor­tu­ni­ties this afforded to put my pas­sions into prac­tice in another crit­i­cally impor­tant Alberta insti­tu­tion, the Alberta Pro­gres­sive Con­ser­v­a­tive party.

I’ve always been an active sup­porter of the Pro­gres­sive Con­ser­v­a­tive party as its core val­ues rep­re­sented my own desire for a bal­ance between care­ful man­age­ment of our finances with strong sup­port for the next gen­er­a­tion and social nets for our most at risk. In 2012, I was very happy to carry the PC party’s ban­ner to win back Cal­gary Var­sity. I was excited about the dream of gov­ern­ment in Alberta we talked about in that elec­tion includ­ing:
· A gov­ern­ment unafraid to make the dif­fi­cult deci­sions that we need to make today to ensure long term pros­per­ity for our chil­dren;
· A more trans­par­ent and more open gov­ern­ment will­ing to hear all voices; and
· A gov­ern­ment free of enti­tle­ment.
Since being elected, how­ever, and par­tic­u­larly since join­ing Cab­i­net, I am increas­ingly con­vinced that ele­ments of this 43-year old gov­ern­ment are sim­ply unable to make the changes needed to achieve that dream of a bet­ter Alberta.
So what hap­pens now? I still believe in pub­lic ser­vice and in pol­i­tics. I still believe in that dream. I’ll stay in my seat, sit­ting as an Inde­pen­dent, because, I believe, I can bet­ter serve my con­stituents this way.

It’s time to make pol­i­tics in Alberta better.

Donna Kennedy-Glans
MLA, Cal­gary Varsity”

WOWSER! Now that’s lead­er­ship and a beau­ti­ful dis­play of ethics in a polit­i­cally charged poutine-mess! It’s a return to the idea of true democ­racy, and I believe that is some­thing we should all cel­e­brate with aplomb. Going against the cur­rent is never easy, but some­times required. I sure wish I would hear some­thing like this from every politi­cian. I’ve not been much of a believer in the party sys­tem for some time, hop­ing that a true demo­c­ra­tic sys­tem would some­day emerge. Thank you, Donna….for stand­ing up.

As artists, we are free to express our­selves in most coun­tries in the world. Never take for granted, this abil­ity to do so. It is inte­gral to the well-being of our soci­ety. The next time you take up a brush, an instru­ment, a pen… be reminded of how you can cross over and step boldly into the fray. It’s not just a paint­ing, a song….a book or story. It’s the way to be, it’s the fore­telling of how it is…how the future could be. Show the world what you’ve got so every­one can ben­e­fit from your brav­ery, dear artist.

And Donna….thank you for being an artist.


I’m feel­ing so much grat­i­tude to have been accepted this March for Bo’s Mas­ter Class at Colum­bus State Uni­ver­sity in Colum­bus, Geor­gia. I can’t wait to spend time with the other artists and this great painter in his home town for a con­cen­trated expe­ri­ence, and intel­li­gent dialogue.

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Enchant your inner artist in a sen­su­ous slow feast with painter Jan­ice Tan­ton, singer song­writer Julia Lynx and Chef George Bayne. Explore the role of art and music in your life with a spe­cial focus on heal­ing and reju­ve­na­tion. A two-time Canada Coun­cil award recip­i­ent, Janice’s works are rep­re­sented locally at Canada House Gallery in Banff. Julia will share some of her songs unplugged.

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Most artists, includ­ing myself, are hap­pi­est when we are work­ing on our craft and not spend­ing time on marketing/accounting, grant and pro­posal writ­ing etc. Recently, I was dis­cussing with sev­eral artists, the mer­its of gallery rep­re­sen­ta­tion vs. going it solo. Here’s some of what I thought about.

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Abu Dhabi Art Hub was the first artist com­mu­nity to be estab­lished in the United Arab Emi­rates, by Ahmed Al Yafei. In addi­tion to oper­at­ing artist in res­i­dency pro­grams for for­eign artists, through Friends of Art Hub and Adopt-an-Artist spon­sor­ships, emerg­ing Emerati artists are eli­gi­ble to par­tic­i­pate in res­i­dency pro­grams over­seas. It’s a global win-win exchange oppor­tu­nity for artists.

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2014, I hope will be my “Year of Gen­tle Mak­ing”. I have a few things planned, but not set in stone to reflect art­fully upon my expe­ri­ence. With a few more prayers, rest and recov­ery I hope soon to be back in the stu­dio in a mean­ing­ful way. My wish is for every­one to take some time for them­selves, to be in good health and have as much time with your fam­ily and friends as you pos­si­bly can.

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