'Undercurrents' © Janice Iniskimaki Tanton 2014. Oil on linen. 103"x133"

Under­cur­rents’ © Jan­ice Iniski­maki Tan­ton 2014. Oil on linen. 103“x133”

‘Under­cur­rents’ is an oil on linen paint­ing, 103“x133” that will debut in the exhi­bi­tion  “Water Eau 水 Mînî पानी Wasser מים Acqua پانی Tubig H2O, curated by Anne Ewan and fea­tur­ing the art of his­tor­i­cal and con­tem­po­rary Cana­dian artists from Tom Thom­son to Ken Danby and David Thauberger.

“This exhi­bi­tion includes visu­ally stun­ning and timely orches­trated com­pi­la­tions of his­toric and con­tem­po­rary paint­ing, video and instal­la­tions that exam­ine the beauty and pecu­liar­ity of Earth’s great­est resource. Acclaimed through­out time for its unpre­dictabil­ity, tran­quil qual­i­ties, rit­ual and hygienic uses, nour­ish­ment and abun­dance, the purity of water and its sources are under threat. Our exis­tence is con­tin­gent on water.

Canada is bound by three oceans and strewn with mul­ti­ple fresh lakes, rivers, water­falls and aquifers. His­tor­i­cally, Canada’s water­ways sup­ported Indige­nous com­mu­ni­ties, the fur trade and explor­ers whose trav­els con­tributed to the set­tle­ment, urban­iza­tion, eco­nomic devel­op­ment and trans­porta­tion of the nation. Reflected in lit­er­a­ture, music, poetry, the­atre, dance and art, water con­tin­ues to be syn­ony­mous with Cana­dian identity.

The exhi­bi­tion presents works of art from pri­vate and pub­lic col­lec­tions and fea­tures a range of styles from the early 19th cen­tury to the present. Through the works of art pre­sented in “Water”, the viewer is invited to explore a diverse range of artis­tic approaches that include rep­re­sen­ta­tional imagery of rivers and lakes in the land­scape, to life affirm­ing and threat­en­ing metaphor­i­cal asso­ci­a­tions. The exhi­bi­tion encour­ages con­tem­pla­tion of alter­na­tive per­spec­tives, grounded in our real-world fas­ci­na­tion with and increas­ing recog­ni­tion of the global chal­lenges that arise in rela­tion to this pre­cious nat­ural resource, in the face of chang­ing cli­matic con­di­tions.” — Anne Ewan, Senior Cura­tor, Whyte Museum of The Cana­dian Rockies.

“As a liv­ing female con­tem­po­rary artist, I am thrilled to see my work posi­tioned in con­text with my early men­tor, Ken Danby and Group of Seven mem­bers Franz John­son and Tom Thom­son.” — Jan­ice Iniski­maki Tanton

‘Under­cur­rents’ is the first in a series of large-scale works by Tan­ton that explore our con­tem­po­rary Cana­dian nation­al­ity and attach­ment to this great land. It was cre­ated at The Banff Cen­tre as part of a Leighton Colony Residency.

Please join Jan­ice Tan­ton at the debut of this major and impor­tant Cana­dian work at the Whyte Museum of the Cana­dian Rock­ies, Banff Alberta on Sun­day, June 14 1 — 4 pm.

(Artist in atten­dance 3 — 4 pm.)

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Janice Tanton and VIDA Voices Collection

Janice Tanton Designs on VIDA

And now for some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent! I was con­tacted out of the wild blue yes­ter­day by new sus­tain­able startup fash­ion com­pany VIDA based out of San Fran­cisco. The VIDA staff had seen my work and were eager to invite me to design some new scarves and silk shirts for their lineup from my paint­ings. When I heard the story of the com­pany, and who will ben­e­fit, I couldn’t resist!

VIDA is a global part­ner­ship of cre­ators, pair­ing design­ers from around the world with mak­ers in Pak­istan and India in accor­dance with high eth­i­cal stan­dards, to cre­ate orig­i­nal, beau­ti­ful prod­ucts.  And the best part is that using part of pro­ceeds from the sales of the prod­ucts, VIDA cre­ates lit­er­acy pro­grams for the mak­ers, so that they have oppor­tu­ni­ties to learn read­ing, writ­ing and basic math that they would not oth­er­wise have.

More than any­thing, I am thrilled when my work pro­vides sup­port, lit­er­acy and edu­ca­tional pro­grams and sup­port for oth­ers. VIDA has a beau­ti­ful plan that is just up my alley, col­laps­ing the dis­tance between mak­ers and artists/designers across the globe. Have a look at The VIDA story and I’m sure you’ll see why I was so excited (and you who know me, know I don’t get this enthusiastic1). Good things can hap­pen in the world.

Such a won­der­ful idea, mar­ry­ing tech­nol­ogy, artists and mak­ers from across the globe. An oppor­tu­nity to make my paint into wear­able, beau­ti­ful prod­ucts, in a sus­tain­able way? Uh huh…I’m totally in. Sign me up…get me a ticket….etc. etc.

I was so excited, I couldn’t decide which paint­ings to go with, but decided on sev­eral strong images that I would wear — and I’m picky! I have a weak­ness for beau­ti­ful scarves, espe­cially since being diag­nosed with breast can­cer. (I’m clear now…but I’ve become a bit of a shawl/scarf maniac in the absence of breasts.) I might use some of the scarves to make some pil­lows and cur­tains for the stu­dio. Lots of cre­ative ideas swirling around in my head.

There are now four prod­ucts up on the site, and if the pre-orders sell ONLY within the next 14 days, VIDA will make the prod­ucts. (As extra entice­ment, VIDA is offer­ing the coupon code VOICES for 25% off of any pre­orders — which makes these 100% modal scarves incred­i­bly rea­son­able and WOWSER for the silk shirts!) AND if you order by the end of this month, they have a spe­cial on inter­na­tional ship­ping for only $5 USD! (Usu­ally it’s $35, so this is a huge sav­ings oppor­tu­nity to jump on board if you see some­thing you like).

Here are the images I chose.



Detail from"Emergence" ©2015 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen. 36x48 (Private Collection)

Detail from“Emergence” ©2015 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen. 36x48 (Pri­vate Collection)

Emer­gence will be recre­ated as a beau­ti­ful 100% Modal scarf. The beauty of our forests in Haida Gwaii and British Colum­bia are the inspi­ra­tion for Emer­gence. So much life and the clar­ity of the coastal rain forests are an inspi­ra­tion to me, redefin­ing the resur­gence of life, primeval forests and the sea from whence we emerged.

This scarf is made out of 100% Micro­Modal® by Lenz­ing, a lux­u­ri­ously soft botanic silk fab­ric made out of Euro­pean beech­wood. Because of modal’s botanic ori­gin, it is par­tic­u­larly eco-friendly and its fine­ness is com­pa­ra­ble to that of nat­ural silk. Micro­Modal® offers a soft, beau­ti­ful sheen, with col­ors that are bright and vibrant.

The com­pletely nat­ural fiber of this scarf is made in a fully inte­grated facil­ity in Aus­tria, opti­mized for pro­duc­tion syn­er­gies and energy con­ser­va­tion by using eco-friendly pro­duc­tion processes. The fab­ric is woven in a small fac­tory in Pak­istan. VIDA col­lab­o­rates with the owner and work­ers of this fac­tory to pro­duce the per­fect thread-count and weave for opti­mal soft­ness and sheen.

AND …these scarves are huge! They are more like shawls. Because of the hand­made process, they range in size from 24.5” – 25”  x 76” –77. Snug up with the rainforest!

Emergence Modal Scarf

Emer­gence Modal Scarf

Scarves are sold for $40 USD but use the coupon code VOICES to receive 25% OFF any pre­orders (only $30 for this!)…and again, there’s a spe­cial $5 USD on inter­na­tional ship­ping only until the end of this month (Feb­ru­ary 2015).

Nitawahsin — Our Land

"Nitawahsin" ©2014 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen panel. (Framed) 8"x10"

Nitawahsin” ©2014 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen panel.

This piece is titled, “Nitawahsin” which means “Our Land” in Black­foot. It is a strong, active piece with a uni­fied Anders Zorn palette, all of the colours of the med­i­cine wheel are in this piece and that makes it a strong con­tender for wear­able art. Good med­i­cine in this piece. I chose to have it repro­duced as a Modal scarf and a beau­ti­ful silk top.
Janice Tanton Nitawahsin Modal scarf VIDA Voices

And here is the gor­geous silk top of Nitawahsin — Our Land.

"Nitawahsin - (Our Land") Gorgeous 100% Silk Top by Janice Tanton for VIDA Voices

Siz­ing Chart for the silk tops are as fol­lows.
Note: tops fit true to size but a drapey cut — please size down if you pre­fer a snug fit.
Point of Mea­sure­ments
Small: Bust — 32″, Hips “38” (US Size 0–2)
Medium: Bust — 34″, Hips “39” (US Size 4–6)
Large: Bust — 38″, Hips 40″ (US Size 8–10)

Blue Grass Dancers

As the fourth design, I chose Blue Grass Dancers for some dear women friends and fam­ily in my life who inspired me through my ill­ness, sup­ported our fam­ily and kept us all together. These heal­ing, danc­ing colours were designed to lift and soothe through the tough­est of times. This piece was first painted for my friend and singer/songwriter Julia Lynx, as part of the launch and design for her new album “Wild Patience”.

Blue Grass Dancers - ©2015 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen.

Blue Grass Dancers — ©2015 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen.

And here is the beau­ti­ful silk top by VIDA Voices. A clas­sic, I think, designed with my good friends in my heart.

Janice Tanton, Blue Grass Dancer silk top by VIDA Voices

I’m over the moon to intro­duce this col­lec­tion to you — sim­ply click here to buy any one (or more!) of these scarves and lucious silk shirts, and don’t for­get to include coupon code VOICES to get 25% off (that’s just $30 for each of these lovely scarves! and $48.75 for a silk shirt! NO mid­dle man :). And the juicy, juicy, best part — right now, VIDA ships inter­na­tion­ally, for only $5 until the end of this month. That’s a $30 sav­ings! Folks from all over the world can pur­chase, and help give back. But remem­ber, pre-order only lasts for 2 weeks from today. Help me to spread the word by shar­ing this post with your friends and fam­ily through social media or in per­son. Right then….this is more ram­bling than I’ve done in months. Just get on the site and order some­thing for a friend or fam­ily member…and don’t for­get your­self, because you’re worth it!

Enjoy, my friends. (I can’t wait to cud­dle up in a scarf/shawl!)


Fash­ion­ista Mag­a­zine — “Meet Vida, a Socially Respon­si­ble E-Commerce Site Backed by Google


Upstart Busi­ness Jour­nal — “Microsoft Xbox alum’s new game is VIDA: high-tech fash­ion that does good”

More Awe­some Press on VIDA

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Please drop in and say hello if you are in the Cal­gary area. I’m hon­oured to meet the stu­dents and look for­ward to an inter­est­ing exchange.

Join me for an Artist Talk as the Visiting Artist and Scholar, Friday, January 23rd at the University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Join me for an Artist Talk as the Vis­it­ing Artist and Scholar, Fri­day, Jan­u­ary 23rd at the Uni­ver­sity of Cal­gary, Cal­gary, AB


"The Harvest" ©2015 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen. 36"x48"

The Har­vest” ©2015 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen. 36“x48”

It’s been a long cou­ple of years bat­tling breast can­cer, but I’m now feel­ing like I’m finally back on the horse. 2015 is look­ing like a brand new hori­zon and to ring in the new year, I’ve been back in the stu­dio almost work­ing full time. It’s a great feel­ing to finally have some con­trol back in my arm and paint­ing hand, and I have more paint­ings in my head than I could pos­si­bly paint in four life­times. I sup­pose that is what I love so much about  paint­ing — it never gets old for me, and I’m always stretch­ing, learn­ing some­thing new and find­ing that daily med­i­ta­tive space that only the can­vas can offer.

I wish for you, a won­der­ful and fresh new out­look for this upcom­ing year, filled with beau­ti­ful art­work, good health, and happy days. A pic­ture is worth a thou­sand words, so I’ll stop now.

"Metamorphosis" ©2015 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen. 36"x48"

Meta­mor­pho­sis” ©2015 Jan­ice Tan­ton. Oil on linen. 36“x48”

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I’m very pleased to intro­duce a new series of work, arriv­ing today (July 31, 2014) at Canada House Gallery, Banff AB and Gib­son Fine Art in Cal­gary, AB.

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Ponokami­taa — The Spirit of the Horse” will open on July 3rd at Gib­son Fine Art in Cal­gary, Alberta and run through the Cal­gary Stam­pede to July 19th.

Loca­tion :: Gib­son Fine Art, 628 11th Ave, SW, Cal­gary AB (403) 244‑2000

Date: July 3rd — July 19th

Artist Talk/Meet & Greet: July 12th, 2:00 — 4:00 p.m.

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What I love about the prac­tice of paint­ing is that it’s amaz­ing to me at any stage — that’s why I do it. Sure, there’s an idea — a con­cept and image in my mind for the work, but it’s never exactly what ends up on the linen.

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I’d like to invite you to join me for a morn­ing of fun and art that is per­sonal to you. This sim­ple tech­nique of ink and water­colour will be some­thing you can use all your life to cre­ate and record those moments of impor­tance in your life.

Throw away that Insta­gram and Face­book post for a quick sketch and some penned thoughts

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As artists, we are free to express our­selves in most coun­tries in the world. Never take for granted, this abil­ity to do so. It is inte­gral to the well-being of our soci­ety. The next time you take up a brush, an instru­ment, a pen… be reminded of how you can cross over and step boldly into the fray.

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