Author and Curator, Mary-Beth Laviolette

Author and Cura­tor, Mary-Beth Laviolette

If you are in Can­more on Thurs­day, May 3rd, you must take the time to attend this talk by inde­pen­dent cura­tor and writer, Mary-Beth Lavi­o­lette.

Mary-Beth will be doing an illus­trated talk at the Can­more Museum and Geo­science Cen­tre at 902B 7th Avenue in Can­more, AB and launch­ing her book, “A Del­i­cate Art”.

I’ve had the plea­sure of vis­it­ing with Mary-Beth and see­ing this won­der­ful book first-hand. Mary-Beth’s account of these six artists’ work, focussing on the wild­flow­ers they have cho­sen as their sub­ject mat­ter is a beau­ti­ful tes­ta­ment to the art and devel­op­ment of this del­i­cate form of obser­va­tion and well worth hear­ing this writer’s view on the intri­cate details of the prac­tice, focus and frame­work of this art form. Mary-Beth’s talk will be engag­ing, infor­ma­tive and enlight­en­ing and I plan to be there!

A Delicate Art - Mary-Beth Laviolette

Here is more infor­ma­tion on “A Del­i­cate Art”:

Delicate Art - Mary-Beth Laviolette