Grace poses under “The Artist’s Daugh­ter”, a por­trait of herself.



After a cou­ple of intense months cre­at­ing and work­ing on new pieces, “Ordi­nary Alchemy” opened at Blue­rock Gallery in Black Dia­mond, AB yes­ter­day and will run until August 27th.

Kevin, my model (and hus­band) strikes a pose.

This is my first solo show in twelve years, and quite dif­fer­ent from the focussed large projects that I’ve under­taken since 2008 with Com­mu­nity Fusion and CAMP (which…by the way, will open in my first solo pub­lic exhi­bi­tion EVER in Jan­u­ary 2013, at the Oko­toks Art Gallery, Oko­toks, AB)

There were many long nights and a lot of take-out involved. A huge thank you to my hus­band Kevin and the kids for help­ing out around the house, stay­ing out of the way and drop­ping in at the right time when I was locked away in the stu­dio. Also a big thanks to my Mom and Dad in Ontario for set­ting me on an even keel when I felt the ship was about to sink!

Even more, I want to cel­e­brate you! All the com­ments, sup­port, ques­tions and “likes” from our social media out­lets on Face­book and Twit­ter have been encour­ag­ing to me while I worked long hours alone. I always joke about the fact that the only real peo­ple I see are the UPS deliv­ery guy and my fam­ily, but it’s true! For the past six weeks, I’ve hardly even made it to the gro­cery store for milk or coffee.…okay, maybe cof­fee! In a six week period, I fin­ished off no less than twenty new pieces — some of them VERY large, major works. This rep­re­sents a time invest­ment in paint­ing any­where from 8 — 15 hours a day. That’s a lot of sol­vent, and admit­tedly, there were times when I didn’t think I could go on.

Work­ing with excel­lent gallery own­ers and sup­port­ers is a gift and I’m very thank­ful and blessed by Karen Gimbel’s vision, sup­port and assured­ness in launch­ing “Ordi­nary Alchemy”. She worked very hard, and even had the time to com­mis­sion some very tal­ented local young pro­fes­sion­als to work on this video artist’s statement:


Now, it’s time to take some time and cel­e­brate the suc­cess of this won­der­ful show. I’m usu­ally not one to pause long enough to catch my breath.…but catch­ing my breath was exactly what I did yes­ter­day when I saw the works all hung together. As artists, we need to take a moment and cel­e­brate the accom­plish­ments along the way. It is no mean feat, tak­ing hours of man­power, years of train­ing, eons of prac­tice and a lit­tle magic!

Please enjoy some of the pho­tos from the gallery yes­ter­day, and thank you all for being such a large part of this achievement.

Ordi­nary Alchemy — Solo Exhi­bi­tion of works by Jan­ice Tan­ton at Blue­rock Gallery, Black Dia­mond, AB


Ordi­nary Alchemy — Solo Exhi­bi­tion of works by Jan­ice Tan­ton at Blue­rock Gallery, Black Dia­mond, AB

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  • Rose

    Wow Jan­ice thank you for shar­ing the show on YouTube, I was able to view the paint­ings and get a feel­ing for this body of work and it is amaz­ing. So much depth and beauty. I love the lite, color, form and mes­sages com­ing from these pieces. Very special!

    • Jan­ice Tanton

      Thank you, Rose. I think the gallery did a won­der­ful job with putting it all together. I’m pleased that you enjoyed it!

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