Every moment of your life, you make choices.

Ball Kelp, Haida Gwaii

Ball Kelp, Haida Gwaii

In truth, there are only two choices.

Balance Rock, Haida Gwaii - High Tide

Bal­ance Rock, Haida Gwaii — High Tide


Burnaby Strait, Low Tide - Gwaii Haanas National Park, Haida Gwaii

Bat Stars, Tur­ban Snails & Count­less Life­forms ” — Burn­aby Strait, Low Tide — Gwaii Haanas National Park, Haida Gwaii


Clearcut and Landslide - Moresby Island, Haida Gwaii

More than twenty-five years after an old-growth clearcut on Moresby Island, Haida Gwaii, the moun­tain is scarred by landslide.

Every choice falls into both categories.

Protest Signs at Old Masset, Haida Gwaii

Protest Signs at Old Mas­set, Haida Gwaii

Every choice has a consequence.

Corpse of The Golden Spruce

Corpse of The Golden Spruce” — Yak­oun River, Port Clements, Haida Gwaii. The last of it’s species.

In every choice.…be.…an Artist.

Haida Gwaii - Ferry Crossing from Graham to Moresby Island

Ferry Cross­ing from Gra­ham to Moresby Island — Haida Gwaii

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