Happy International Artist Day To You!…And a big fat Happy Birthday to Picasso & Me! Let’s Do Cake.

International Artist DayWho knew it? Today has been declared International Artist Day. A big thanks to Alyson Stanfield for posting on this and letting me know – I’ve been so busy painting at The Banff Centre in a residency, I didn’t even know it! There is something to be said about creative time…and something to be said about keeping your radar ears on. Today is the day we move all these fresh new paintings out of my studio in Banff and back into the Canmore studio for finishing touches. Boy, am I celebrating on so many levels!

"Foothills" ©Janice Tanton 2008. Oil on board. 8"x8"
“Foothills” ©Janice Tanton 2008. Oil on board. 8″x8″

Given that October 25th is Picasso‘s birthday….and also MY birthday, I’m sure next year, I’ll be a lot more prepared to party!

Guernica - Pablo Picasso
“Guernica” – Pablo Picasso. I remember the first time I saw this. It moved me and made me think.

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  1. Becca Kelly

    I love this painting. It is very strong, and makes me think of the strength of the settlers as they moved west. I am an artist also.

    1. Janice Tanton

      Thanks Becca. I did it some time ago, but love the motion of the grass myself. For me, spending time on the prairie at Siksika where there are still large areas unfenced on the reserve, has a moving feeling to me. That was the inspiration for the work. This piece is now in the collection of a friend of mine.

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