Artists – Never Apologize!

I was going to start this post by saying I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything since last week – then I remembered :

Never Apologize

Underpainting work in progress for CAMP project by Janice Tanton
Work In Progress - CAMP

It may sound arrogant, but in fact – I started thinking about WHY I was going to start out by saying I was sorry that I didn’t write anything, and it’s not arrogant at all in this case. I’ve been dangerously busy!


  • I’ve been painting, and I NEVER apologize for that. (Today, I finished 4 – 30×30 under paintings.)
  • I have been spending time with my family, and I NEVER apologize for that.
  • I have old friends visiting from Ontario, and I’m NEVER apologizing for that.
  • I have been hit with a ridiculous assessment by the CRA that is eating me up from the inside out and taking a ridiculous amount of time, and I’m sure as heck am NEVER apologizing for that. (Ask Harper for one instead. He should be apologizing to a whole nation many times over.)

I’m not “sorry” for any of these things. I’m getting better at realizing I can’t do everything for everyone and priorities are exactly that – priorities. In this order:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Art
  • ….the rest of life.

My hope for this, dear artist reader, is that you learn this lesson quicker and faster than I have….and that you::

NEVER apologize… for all the right reasons.


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  1. Yes! This year I have been working on not saying ‘I’m sorry.’ I started apologizing for the weather! Something I couldn’t even control. Thanks for this reminder! (P.S. Awesome job on the 4 paintings!)

    1. Thanks Allison…I’m going to make it an UNEVEN FIVE for today. Got one more done betwixt and between.

    1. So glad you liked that! Let’s just get a Hallelujah on it too while we’re at it!. 😀

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