Artist’s Guide To Surviving a Tax Audit

In Canada, we are currently under the thumbs of one of the least "artist-friendly" governments since Confederation. There's a reason for that. Artists are not afraid of speaking out, acting as catalysts for change, observing change in the larger society and finding unique and expressive ways to shine light into dark corners of corrupt governments. That frightens those in power - it always has. They are frightened of what they do not understand.

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Alberta Light, A Retrospective :: Neel deWit-Wibaut at Bluerock Gallery

Neel de Wit-Wibaut is a painter who splits her time between Calgary and a remote location in the Alberta foothills. Devoted to her work, she has been painting faithfully for decades. Her paintings express her deep appreciation of nature and invite the viewer to join her in a reflection on light. Working primarily in oils on wood, her subjects are inspired moments of illumination—sunlight, moonlight and the colors in shadows. This retrospective is a tribute to Neel’s remarkable career and an homage to the Alberta foothills where she has lived for more than half her life.

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Meeting My Art Elders – A Visit With Norman Yates At The Whyte Museum

One of the most important aspects of being an artist is to be able to have deep dialogue with other artists and discover their process, talk about the meaning of the work and the joy of creating. Understanding another's path can help you navigate through yours, and today I meet with Norman Yates, Canadian painter extraordinaire at the Whyte Museum in Banff, Alberta.

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Press Release :: Janice Tanton Bound for Haida Gwaii – Gwaii Haanas National Park Artist in Residence 2012

I'm going to be an Artist in Residence at Gwaii Haanas! Artists in Gwaii Haanas is a collaborative effort between Gwaii Haanas National Park, the Haida Gwaii Museum, and the Haida Nation. For 10 days in June, three artists (two artist residents of Haida Gwaii and one visiting artist) will be guided by a Parks Canada staff member into remote areas of Gwaii Haanas National Park.

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