Cancer Patients Cannot Weather Hell and High Water in Alberta Floods – Our Story

Here are a few suggestions to the province and Alberta Health Services to avoid this in the future: Put adequate back-up plans in place to ensure no cancer patient's treatment is delayed. Zero tolerance. Empower hospital administration to adequately address emergency circumstances with patients in a timely and organized manner. "I can't tell you the secret that I know." does not help or instill confidence in the system. Deliver leadership and crisis training to address these concerns. Improve communications regarding health care in emergency situations. If chemical transport isn't possible due to hazardous material restrictions, a plan for how patients can get added to treatment rosters in Calgary or the nearest delivery site to their location.

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PRESS RELEASE :: Cenovus Art Competition – Janice Tanton’s “Spirit Horse Lodges” Purchased

Earlier this year, I was invited along with 36 artists in Alberta and Saskatchewan to participate in the inaugural "Cenovus Art Competition". The focus of the competition was to identify "under-recognized artists" in Alberta and Saskatchewan, in the form of a competition. Normally, I don't go in for these sort of things, but I liked what the company was proposing to do.

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Getting Your Hands Dirty – Stay Forever Young, Artist!

Getting your hands on a different medium than what you are used to is GREAT for the soul. I had no expectations, and I admit the first thought I had was, "I'll make a little pot with the coil method." DUH...heck no. I let that go and just started playing around with the clay, watching how excited Grace was and how SURE she was about making a flower, a lily pad and a frog.

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