Warrior Boobs – ON!!! I have Breast Cancer. Now WHY Can’t I Get A Surgeon’s Appointment & Some Timely Care?

It's New Year's Eve day, and I should be reflecting on my past year, reviewing the accomplishments and events, inspiring others to rally and focus their talents, supporting the Fab Four and #IdleNoMore, round-dancing at a local mall, getting big canvasses moved into a Leighton Colony Residency at The Banff Centre, prepping for the Gwaii Haanas exhibition in February and being excited about CAMP, my first solo show at a public gallery.....but I can't. I have to focus on me and fight the battle of my life and advocate HARD through a government system.

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Bill C-45 – How To Contact Senators In The Canadian Government

Update on Bill C-45 : Yesterday (Dec 12, 2012), the Senate debated for a 3rd Reading on Bill C-45 & the Hon Joseph Day asked to have the sections of the Indian Act & the Navigable Waters Protection Act removed. And asked for a further 6 hours to debate the issue and for it not to be voted on yet. We still have some time to attempt to influence this process by contacting Senators to express our non-consent with the legislation.

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Prolific? Perfection? :: What does that mean for artists?

I admit being a workaholic. The creation of images fascinates me and borders on obsession. What does it mean to produce really great work, in a prolific manner? I think the answer to that lies in a concentrated residency period that allows experimentation. Quantifiable data can help flesh out part of the picture, but not all of it. Here was my short experience at The Banff Centre.

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