You Can’t Fool Mother Nature – Alberta & BC Must Rethink Western Pipeline After Haida Gwaii Earthquakes & Tsunami Warnings

Haida Gwaii sits at the juncture of three tectonic plates, with a total of 10 fault lines. A bit like Mother Nature's weak and ticklish spot, if you will. In short, this area is as unstable as the San Andreas fault, with a powerful oblique thrust that will put some kick in your behind. A tsunami would carry dirty crude oil a very long way.

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Thumbnail Sketching – Play Before You Plan!

When I came back from Gwaii Haanas National Park in June, my head was filled with so many images, experiences and thoughts that I needed some time to sort through them before picking up a paintbrush. I'm still going through that, with over 5000 photographs, a full sketchbook, sound files and video. One of the things I'm starting to do now is to thumbnail sketch out in "storyboard" form, my trip through the park itself which took 5 days. I'm looking at every photograph, recalling the experience and picking a few moments that interest me. One of the greatest tools any artist can use is the thumbnail to do this, and it's a great tool that I learned way back in my college days as a graphic designer.

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The Importance of NOT Being In Earnest – The Underpainting

Getting an idea out of my heart and head is not always easy. Sometimes it comes together, and sometimes it doesn't. I wanted to try a different approach to my work and underpaintings on this group, which are slated for exhibition from my Gwaii Haanas Artist In Residence experience. The colours on the underpainting are different from how I generally combine the subject and technique. I've taken an approach to combine the quick onsite plein-air experience with the more academic figurative approach. So far, it's coming along, and I anticipate that it will provide the results that I'm looking for.

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Let Them Eat Cake! – Nursery Rhymes, Facts & Figures, Dreams & Accountability

Last Monday morning (Sept.10th) I met with officials from the CRPS Board to discuss my concerns with education, funding an accountability, looking for the pieces of the puzzle. What I got (I think) was a good snapshot of the financial picture this particular school board faces...but I still don't think I know who Mr. Nobody is. It might be a lot of governing bodies who should be accountable for our tax dollars, decisions and allocations - everyone has made a little bit of a mess, resulting in an unclean house. Here's the story from the administration at the CRPS school board, with thanks for their cooperation and willingness to explain this to me. And please bear with me here...this post is long, and there's a lot of stuff in it. I'd like to draw it out in a picture for you - much easier to understand, but I'm rather busy at the moment in a production residency.

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The Blessings :: Today I Exhale

"When you've got friends to wish you'll find a point when you will exhale" And with that, I've begun my residency. What a blessing to see folks that have been participants and co-workers in both arts and administrative capacities, from all corners of the world. It was a flurry of activity, and also quite strange - almost like being transported back into a space that I'd long ago left.

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