We Have ALL Pooped the Bed :: Arts Education – Why You Can’t Get One In Canmore, Alberta

In the richest province in this country, in one of the most affluent communities of this province, your child cannot take art and drama in Canmore, Alberta. In fact, if you are in Grade 10, Stream 1 - you cannot take Drama at all. If you are in Stream 2 - you cannot take Art at all. Who is responsible and accountable for this? We all are.

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Surprises! :: What Art Can Do To Make You Change Your Perspective & Perception

Art can cause us to think - to make connections between things that we would not necessarily connect but yet upon discovering them, seem to be totally obvious. The beauty of art like this lies in it's ability for us to change our perspective and perceptions of the world around us - to imagine the seemingly unimaginable and to make change where change is required. Good art holds a mirror up to ourselves and shows us our backsides....what we normally cannot see, or do not want to see! This IS...a beautiful thing, if only we take the time to look.

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Catching My Breath and Celebrating! The Final Piece of the Puzzle in an Artist’s Exhibition.

Now, it's time to take some time and celebrate the success of this wonderful show. I'm usually not one to pause long enough to catch my breath....but catching my breath was exactly what I did yesterday when I saw the works all hung together. As artists, we need to take a moment and celebrate the accomplishments along the way. It is no mean feat, taking hours of manpower, years of training, eons of practice and a little magic!

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Your VIP Invite to – “Ordinary Alchemy” : Janice Tanton – Solo Show at Bluerock Gallery

It feels like Christmas! This is my first solo show in twelve years!!!...And the ONLY solo show of my work for 2012...AND...introduces some fabulous new figurative work that incorporates 22k gold and silver. Can you see me grinning from where you are? I'm very excited. There are secret pieces in this show from my own private collection and brand new works which I have to say are the best work that I have ever completed....and YOU ARE INVITED!!!

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