Press Release :: Janice Tanton Bound for Haida Gwaii – Gwaii Haanas National Park Artist in Residence 2012

Aerial View - Gwaii Haanas National Park - South, looking north on the archipelago

I’ve just been literally beside myself with excitement…giddy!…like a little girl for the past couple of days. I think I’ve come down far enough off my cloud now to be able to string just a few words together and pass along some very exciting news!

I got a call just before dinnertime on Wednesday from the Visual Arts Curator, Jen Wilson at the Haida Museum that I’ve been chosen, along with two other artists to be Artist in Residence for the 2012 Artists in Gwaii Haanas residency. I will be the “away” artist. I’m so honoured.

You simply cannot imagine how excited I am. I’d have to say this is one of the most pivotal moments in my life in having the chance to visit and participate in this incredible experience….and I want to bring you on that journey of discovery with me, through this blog and the CAMP blog (soon to be launched).

Responding to the call for applications earlier this year, I couldn’t help but vividly imagining the things that I would learn, the people and land that I would see and how beautiful it would be to fit this within my lifelong body of work. It’s truly a chance of a lifetime with a deep spiritual aspect for me. I have felt in my soul from the moment of learning about the residency, that I am supposed to go there. I’m learning, as always…to follow those little messengers inside of me. And here we go…

Artists in Gwaii Haanas is a collaborative effort between Gwaii Haanas National Park,  the Haida Gwaii Museum, and the Haida Nation. For 10 days in June, three artists (two artist residents of Haida Gwaii and one visiting artist) will be guided by a Parks Canada staff member into remote areas of Gwaii Haanas National Park. HOLY HAANAS! I’m so excited…did I say that already? PINCH ME!

Haida GwaiiWe’ll be journalling, sketching, making art and sharing our experience together at two public presentations in Masset and Queen Charlotte as part of the Gwaii Haanas summer Speakers Series. In the fall (November 2012), we are each producing a minimum of three works for a show, one of with will become part of the permanent collection to the Artists in Gwaii Haanas Collection at the Haida Gwaii Museum.

The two other artists that will form part of our group are Fanny-Pierre Galarneau and Darrell Oike. I am super-charged to meet both of these amazing artists and spend time with them in this sacred space and will bring you more on their work in upcoming posts.

Have you ever been to Haida Gwaii? If so, I would love to hear from you.


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