“X” Marks The Habit – 365 Days of Painting

Yesterday, a very cool email came out from The Writer's Store with a newsletter tip on how Jerry Seinfeld worked his craft. He had a very simple system to mark off X's on a 365 day, one-pager calendar. The mantra is... "Don't Break The String". Thinking about that simple system yesterday pushed me back to the easel. Instead of fiddle-farting away at admin work in the office, I thought...heck, I need to get my red X on that sheet. Without that reminder, I'm not sure that I would have gotten off the computer and into the paints, but I did!

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4 Kind Steps To Green Your Packaging When Shipping Your Artwork

Use old, discarded clothes instead of bubble-wrap or styrofoam peanuts, etc. (ICK for the environment either way you look at it.) If you don't have any, go to your local Thrift Store and get a box. Sometimes, there are even old blankets or comforters people have discarded. Explain to them what you are doing (they may even give you a discount). Create a small tag/note to include in the purchase to your collectors and explain to them what you have done and why. Ask them to take your "recycled clothing packaging" to a Thrift Store near them, donate it and spread the word. Simple. Effective. Human....and kind on so many levels.

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True Confessions of An Artist :: Excuses, Diversions & Remedies for Artist’s Block

I don't feel like I'm prolific or productive. I am afflicted with the dreaded BCS (Blank Canvas Syndrome) every single time I look at that big white space on the other end of my brush. Even worse, I have a nasty recurrent case of ABD (Artist's Block Disease) that prevents me from even entering the studio. Here are my excuses, diversions and remedies.

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The Magic Touch :: Married To My Favourite Oil Painting Brushes

I'm often asked interesting questions by students and collectors. The questions range from, "Do you have a magic brush?" to.... "Are you married?" The answer to the first is, "No, not really..." and the answer to the second is, "Yes, most definitely!" While I don't possess a magic brush, or even a special group of visiting elves that do my work for me while I sleep (I wish!), I do have some favourite brands of brushes that seem to work well for me.

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Glazes & Grounds Oil Painting Workshop with Janice Tanton : ACAD – May 4 – June 22

Join me for a wonderful in-depth, weeknight workshop series at Alberta College of Art and Design, July 25 - 29, 2011 as part of the extended studies offered at ACAD. Working from still life, you will learn how to focus on values, create a grisaille, define light and complete a painting. You will also learn how to stretch and finish a fine Belgian linen canvas.

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