Let Them Eat Cake! – Nursery Rhymes, Facts & Figures, Dreams & Accountability

Last Monday morning (Sept.10th) I met with officials from the CRPS Board to discuss my concerns with education, funding an accountability, looking for the pieces of the puzzle. What I got (I think) was a good snapshot of the financial picture this particular school board faces...but I still don't think I know who Mr. Nobody is. It might be a lot of governing bodies who should be accountable for our tax dollars, decisions and allocations - everyone has made a little bit of a mess, resulting in an unclean house. Here's the story from the administration at the CRPS school board, with thanks for their cooperation and willingness to explain this to me. And please bear with me here...this post is long, and there's a lot of stuff in it. I'd like to draw it out in a picture for you - much easier to understand, but I'm rather busy at the moment in a production residency.

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We Have ALL Pooped the Bed :: Arts Education – Why You Can’t Get One In Canmore, Alberta

In the richest province in this country, in one of the most affluent communities of this province, your child cannot take art and drama in Canmore, Alberta. In fact, if you are in Grade 10, Stream 1 - you cannot take Drama at all. If you are in Stream 2 - you cannot take Art at all. Who is responsible and accountable for this? We all are.

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Gwaii Haanas – The Need for a New Line at Lyell

Visiting this place was a great inspiration for me. I would say it was one of the most stirring and inspiring moments of my visit, and I am grateful that the Haida Nation, these Elders and members stood so firmly to protect this place. We should do the same now, as the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project by Enbridge threatens once again, this magnificent culture and ecosystem. Stand up and speak out about the effects that this pipeline will have on habitat, culture and the ecology of our planet. Write your MP and the official opposition. Make yourself heard...and be part of the new "Line".

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