Lessons From The Farm – Part 1 of 4: “Know Your Shit”

There is only one thing you need to know to be an artist, and they all come from lessons my grandfather taught me from the farm. Know your shit. Bullshit, Horseshit, Cowshit, Chickenshit. In this no-shit article, Tanton comes out, all barrels blasting at inferior work and skills in artists masquerading behind quick-fix techniques, mediocrity and entitlement.

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Top 7 Things I Learned from the Calgary Arts Champion Congress & Ben Cameron

Last week, in the middle of a pivotal residency in my career, I took a day off to venture into Calgary to attend the Calgary Arts Champion Congress, connect with fellow artists in all disciplines and to hear keynote speaker Ben Cameron. (Ben heads the Doris Duke Foundation in the US and gave a very inspirational TEDx talk at YYC). What a cool opportunity!

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TEDxCalgary – Janice Tanton :: The Language of the Creator

Janice Tanton's 2011 TEDxCalgary Talk on The Language of The Creator. Focused on meaningful personal, family, community and organizational building through creative language of the arts, this heartfelt, personal artist's talk seeks to inspire you to consider human ways of being together.

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Press Release: TEDxCalgary – Breaking Through: Exploring the frontiers of ideas and action

We are pleased to announce that Janice will be one of the speakers on June 4, 2011 for TEDxCalgary at the Glenbow Museum Theatre. The theme of TEDxCalgary 2011 is "Breaking Through: Exploring the frontiers of ideas and actions." "I hope to inspire, educate and entertain and am humbly honoured (not to mention a bit nervous!) to share what I have discovered with the TEDxCalgary participants." - Janice Tanton

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The Politics of Creativity (& Education)…Part One

Take up a voice in championing the arts in education at the K-12 levels, or the arts funding cuts will continue to occur. In the end, our society will suffer because we have failed to impart critical thinking skills necessary to solve the complex problems of our society or to provide alternative education methods. Our systems have let us down. At the end of the day, it falls upon wise parents to impart not only art skills to the best of their ability, but most importantly, the critical thinking processes involved when creating in the arts: brain skills that everyone requires.

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