Obsessed I am, with My Model…

How a canoe is traditionally built reflects the form human so perfectly as well. There is a bone structure to it - a rigidity but yet flexible structure that underpins the function and provides form. The skin - a canvas in many cases for the older canoes or actual skins of trees or animals with earlier indigenous canoes, the vessel itself becomes this humanistic art form for me.

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The Artist’s Daughter – Work In Progress, Day 1

Earlier this month, I finished a sketch of my daughter Grace. My intent is to work through this painting in a method akin to the school of academic realists currently working in New York and around the world. I'm a big fan of Jacob Collins and his contemporaries at The Grand Central Academy and I'd love to spend some time there with guys like Scott Waddell and Graydon Parrish. In the meantime, while I contemplate the dream of a summer studying in New York with these guys, I'm going to take a crack at working through this method and approach to classical painting.

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Mixed Emotions/Mixed Media :: Dancing The Spirit To Life

This style of work marries the polar tangible and spiritual aspects I experience when participating in a pow wow circle. Every dancer is a prayer to me - real and spirit at the same time. Using two different techniques of visual imagery, I am attempting to communicate to you, the very real experience of dancing a prayer at the pow wow. As ever, I am so grateful to my Blackfoot relations and family for introducing me to this way of being and welcoming us so warmly into the family and community.

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