Bo Bartlett Talks About Art, Life and How To Be – Dowling Walsh Gallery 2010

American artist Bo Bartlett is a human being I admire greatly for his vision and skill at equal levels with his beautiful perception of life. I had planned to attend a Master Class this fall with him at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, but a busy residency at The Banff Centre kept me from it…..(this time!) I’m hoping that the opportunity will be there again soon.



Bo Bartlett Artist Talk 2010 from Dowling Walsh Gallery on Vimeo.

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  1. Pahlawan

    Hi Janice,I have been looking for you for years. I think you are the one and only who was my rommtaoe at MTSU and who made my wedding dress. Please email me so I can at least call and talk with you sometime.You are a wonderful friend whom I greatly appreciate and will never forget. It has been over 40 years and that is much to long to be out of touch.Please email me as soon as you can. Take care and God bless you and your family.Ricki

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