Grace QOTD

Grace - My Muse

Grace — My Muse

The “Grace Quote of the Day” (QOTD) is all about the insights that my daugh­ter, 6 year old Grace pipes out.

Almost upon daily occa­sion, she has some very sage advice, opin­ion­ated out­looks and con­tro­ver­sial com­ments that are inter­est­ing, inspir­ing and  to many folks.

Grace is the youngest of three chil­dren in our fam­ily, and she has a very dif­fer­ent out­look on life that many seem to enjoy. I am for­tu­nate to have her with me most of the time, and she has become an inspi­ra­tion and muse in my work since the moment she was born.

I hope you will enjoy a lit­tle bit of “Grace” in your day as much as I do, and that she con­tin­ues to inspire with her sass and sugar.


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