Make Art Where It Belongs – Just Do It!

Take things that belong in special places, and make them in their special places. Fit the art to the sacred space it should belong to. (Fancy curator talk will call it "site specific".) I think it's important to make the art where the Creator guides us to make it. De-institutionalize art and you make it more human.

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Mixed Emotions/Mixed Media :: Dancing The Spirit To Life

This style of work marries the polar tangible and spiritual aspects I experience when participating in a pow wow circle. Every dancer is a prayer to me - real and spirit at the same time. Using two different techniques of visual imagery, I am attempting to communicate to you, the very real experience of dancing a prayer at the pow wow. As ever, I am so grateful to my Blackfoot relations and family for introducing me to this way of being and welcoming us so warmly into the family and community.

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The Art of The Wait: Wise Practices in Tipi Setup & Life

Every year, we travel out to Siksika Nation for the August pow wow with our tipi. It's like going home. Old friends, and a familiarity with the land, the wind, the sun and the moon all contribute to a feeling of well-being as we begin to set camp, days before the actual event. This year is a bit different, with filming for the CAMP project involved.

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