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Works In Progress – Emergence of Spirit

Work In Progress - "Jicarillo Girl" ©2012 Janice Tanton. Oil, gold and silver leaf on linen. 40"x60"

Work In Progress – “Jicarillo Girl” ©2012 Janice Tanton. Oil, gold and silver leaf on linen. 40″x60″

Process is everything. Arriving at the destination is always so much less than the journey when it comes to creating – for me, anyhow.

The thrill is in seeing how things emerge, the spirit that comes through…or in some cases, drops back from the original concept in a piece. There is so much learning and this is what excites me about painting. It is different every day.

It’s an exciting time in the studio for me right now. Well past midnight, I surveyed the work that has been done in the studio over the past week in preparation for an upcoming show, “Ordinary Alchemy”. There are no less than fifteen large works in my small studio at various levels of completion. It’s overwhelming but I’m beginning to see some progression in the light of day.

This is a long journey, filled with great undiscovered roadstops and long stretches of boring road…ones that I feel I’ll never get through.

Checking in and posting the progressions is a good “check-in”, so thank you for indulging me while I post my process. It’s a selfish type of self-preservation and pulse-taking to ensure I’m still alive and well!

Work In Progress - "Notalq - Apache Man" ©2012 Janice Tanton. Oil and silver leaf on linen. 24"x30"

Work In Progress – “Notalq – Apache Man” ©2012 Janice Tanton. Oil and silver leaf on linen. 24″x30″

Shake It Up :: Get Loose :: Work The Muscles…I Can’t Do The Same Thing Forever.

"Watches Morning" ©2012 Janice Tanton. Mixed Media. 9"x12"

“Watches Morning” ©2012 Janice Tanton. Mixed Media. 9″x12″

I get bored easily. It’s a fact. I can’t paint the same thing in the same way and I was never cut out for office or factory work.

I’m an artist.

Any time that I spend a lengthy time working on tight, classic work…it’s too much for me. My creative muscles atrophy; my brain keeps me up all night and I feel like I’m trudging along, thermos and lunchpail, to my shift at the factory studio.

What do I do to beat those art boredom blues? I shake it up. I get loose. I work the muscles, and I make a complete change in the studio and intentfully work up some loose, spiritual and more abstract canvasses. I love this type of work, and I love the classical realism. Anything with paint interests me – I just can’t eat the same thing every day, no matter how good it is for me.

"Walks Into Day" ©2012 Janice Tanton. Mixed Media. 9"x12"

“Walks Into Day” ©2012 Janice Tanton. Mixed Media. 9″x12″

Can you?

"Makes The Stars" ©2012 Janice Tanton. Mixed Media. 10"x12"

“Makes The Stars” ©2012 Janice Tanton. Mixed Media. 10″x12″

These new works incorporate gold and silver leaf as well as some sculptural paste ground, with oil. In a few days when they’re air-dry, I think I might try a resin coating on them….or not.

Work In Progress – “The Yellow Raincoat”

I am happy to be spending a bit more time on this piece that I started prior to leaving for my residency in Haida Gwaii. Working with gold leaf and oil is like nothing I’ve ever done previously, and I’m learning and exploring as I work on this. The very interesting thing is that no matter where you are in relationship to the painting, it changes according to the reflection of the light source. That can never be reproduced with a photograph, unfortunately.

I’ll post more as the image progresses.

Work in Progress - The Yellow Raincoat

Work in Progress – “The Yellow Raincoat” – ©2012 Janice Tanton. Oil and 22k gold leaf on linen. 24″x48″

All That Glitters…IS Gold!

Linen, 24k Gold Leaf and a Soul…

Work In Progress - "The Yellow Raincoat" ©2012 Janice Tanton. Oil and 24k gold on linen. 24"x 48"

Work In Progress - "The Yellow Raincoat" ©2012 Janice Tanton. Oil and 24k gold on linen. 24"x 48"

Work In Progress - "The Yellow Raincoat" ©2012 Janice Tanton. Oil and 24k gold on linen. 24"x 48"

Work In Progress - "The Yellow Raincoat" ©2012 Janice Tanton. Oil and 24k gold on linen. 24"x 48"

There are many things one thinks about in a painting. Often, it’s how to handle your chosen medium and how to best reveal the light in a three dimensional form on a two dimensional surface. Recently, I read The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant in preparation for my residency in Gwaii Haanas National Park. It caused me to think more deeply about my materials and the link between materials and the work being created and I have a painting in mind that I want to create when I’m back in the studio at the end of June.

Living in my head isn’t fun sometimes. A kajillion thoughts are there at any one time, and the only place I find peace is at the easel. The thought of this idea for a painting has been tugging at me for a month, and in the midst of all the crazy CRA stuff, and getting ready for the monumental trip….still, I couldn’t sleep for wanting to try something out: 24 karat gold leaf on a linen oil painting. In doing some research, I found a few contemporary artists who are working with this on panel…only one I could see so far that was working with it on linen. For thousands of years, classical artists have been using gold leaf to create works, religious icons, embellished architecture.

I spoke with folks from Saskatoon (to source out natural shellac), to New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto and finally….in Calgary. Everyone was generous with their ideas, techniques and information on materials. Here in Calgary, I found Jennifer at Mona Lisa Art Supply.  Jen knew quite a bit about gold leafing and when I explained to her what I was thinking as far as the conceptual thought for the paintings, she got excited and was very helpful in showing me a few ideas about how to go about it and the technical qualities of what I was proposing to work with.

Last night, I took the plunge in this painting…and am VERY excited with how this is all going!

The Yellow Raincoat ©2012 Janice Tanton. Oil and 24k gold on linen. 24"x 48"

Work In Progress - "The Yellow Raincoat" ©2012 Janice Tanton. Oil and 24k gold on linen. 24"x 48"