9 Effective Ways For Artists To Silence Their Inner Critic

Everyone has it - that annoying voice of The Little Man inside your head that wants to take you away from what you are doing, comment (usually negatively), judge, doubt your actions, keep you in a state of fear and paralyze you from getting things done that you know you should.....the things that you love, the things that move you forward and the things that inspire confidence in your work and the world around you. It's a battle but I've found some tools and strategies to get him gone when I need to.

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TEDxCalgary – Janice Tanton :: The Language of the Creator

Janice Tanton's 2011 TEDxCalgary Talk on The Language of The Creator. Focused on meaningful personal, family, community and organizational building through creative language of the arts, this heartfelt, personal artist's talk seeks to inspire you to consider human ways of being together.

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