Big Fish, Little Pond…Little Fish, Big Pond? Which Artist Are You?

My artistic practice and enquiry intentionally focusses on relationships and resources. I've often wondered about what it would be like if we were all the same sized fish in one giant pond. Changing our perspective on the size of the pond we are in, or changing our pond can really change how we treat each other and how we perceive our art and ourselves. Here's a story about a artist... um....."Little Red Fish".....that was in a pond..yes!...that's it....a POND....

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Get Back On The Horse – Goal of 2012

My top goal for 2012 isn't about painting or sales or being a better person. It's about conquering my physical fear, getting on the horse and treating myself to that once in a lifetime human/animal bond - a guilty thirst for an intimate soul-to-soul relationship like no other. Artists understand this. I'm really scared....but maybe the biggest thing is that I'm more scared of not ever feeling that feeling again in my life. Motivation is a wondrous thing.

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