Catching My Breath and Celebrating! The Final Piece of the Puzzle in an Artist’s Exhibition.

Now, it's time to take some time and celebrate the success of this wonderful show. I'm usually not one to pause long enough to catch my breath....but catching my breath was exactly what I did yesterday when I saw the works all hung together. As artists, we need to take a moment and celebrate the accomplishments along the way. It is no mean feat, taking hours of manpower, years of training, eons of practice and a little magic!

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Your VIP Invite to – “Ordinary Alchemy” : Janice Tanton – Solo Show at Bluerock Gallery

It feels like Christmas! This is my first solo show in twelve years!!!...And the ONLY solo show of my work for 2012...AND...introduces some fabulous new figurative work that incorporates 22k gold and silver. Can you see me grinning from where you are? I'm very excited. There are secret pieces in this show from my own private collection and brand new works which I have to say are the best work that I have ever completed....and YOU ARE INVITED!!!

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Works In Progress – Emergence of Spirit

Process is everything. Arriving at the destination is always so much less than the journey when it comes to creating - for me, anyhow. The thrill is in seeing how things emerge, the spirit that comes through...or in some cases, drops back from the original concept in a piece. There is so much learning. There is so much learning and this is what excites me about painting. It is different every day.

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