“Oki Niksokowa” Janice Tanton at Canada House Gallery, Banff – Sept 26, 2015

In Oki Niksokowa – All My Relations, I have worked for over a year, preparing paintings for Canada House Gallery that are very, very personal to me. They may also represent some pretty common themes for Canadians. The works represent relationships that I have with just some of the beings, things and places that have touched my life.

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“Three Waiting”

This is the way that I feel when my own children leave and go off at school in the morning. I miss them. When they went back to school after the Christmas break, I cried when they boarded the bus. I imagine it as only a very small and bitter taste of what it might have been like for so many aboriginal parents when their children were taken away to residential school. I'm so grateful that at the end of the day, my children come home to me.

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“X” Marks The Habit – 365 Days of Painting

Yesterday, a very cool email came out from The Writer's Store with a newsletter tip on how Jerry Seinfeld worked his craft. He had a very simple system to mark off X's on a 365 day, one-pager calendar. The mantra is... "Don't Break The String". Thinking about that simple system yesterday pushed me back to the easel. Instead of fiddle-farting away at admin work in the office, I thought...heck, I need to get my red X on that sheet. Without that reminder, I'm not sure that I would have gotten off the computer and into the paints, but I did!

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