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I’d like to invite you to join me for a morn­ing of fun and art that is per­sonal to you. This sim­ple tech­nique of ink and water­colour will be some­thing you can use all your life to cre­ate and record those moments of impor­tance in your life.

Throw away that Insta­gram and Face­book post for a quick sketch and some penned thoughts

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Cre­ativ­ity gives us hope, a vision and ulti­mately — a goal. We should never be afraid to express our­selves, no mat­ter what the sit­u­a­tion we find our­selves in.

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There are ups and downs in every artist’s stu­dio. This week has had all of that. Here are my epic fails and tri­umphant wins.

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The Toughest Art Critic

On January 5, 2012 By

I’m my worst critic, but I know it’s close to being good when Kevin is speechless.

Today, after a cold and busy day of work, he walked up to the stu­dio, took a look at my sketch­pad and shed a tear. I won’t say any­thing else.

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