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Janice Tanton’s Guide To Creatively Surviving The Pandemic

I’ve been working as a professional artist for over 37 years. Most of that time is involved in solitary work, in my home studio. You could almost say I’m quarantined by choice. During that time, I’ve learned how to work through being with my family, seeing very few people (I dread social events such as gallery openings, artist talks and sales). Yep, I’m the introvert. Pandemic time has been relatively easy for me. I struggle more with the fact that I have my kids and husband at home more in my workspace than usual – not that it’s a struggle. I love them and am happy to have them! Now I’ve created a Guide to Creatively Surviving The Pandemic, with my ten top tips!

guide to creatively surviving the pandemic
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Since March 2020 when the pandemic hit for COVID-19, I immediately reached out to folks like yourselves who might need a little help and connection by offering some free drawing classes through newly formed, Janice Tanton Art Academy It has been a ride and a half. Who knew that I’d develop a full ‘Natural Drawing” class, vibrant community of like-minded folks who want to learn about art and how to draw, a course in “Simple Colour Theory” and also a membership site as well as a wonderful “Pocket Watercolour Journalling Workshop” that has been sold out constantly from the beginning. By partnering with my favourite arts institution in the world, Banff Centre For Art & Creativity, we’ve been able to offer Natural Drawing Basics and Natural Drawing – Beyond Basics to countless individuals in three countries! In fact, it’s become the Banff Centre’s most POPULAR course ever, selling out in less than a minute and with waiting lists 500+ deep! Phew…if only I could clone myself, I could teach the world to draw!

Well, I’ve been thinking – how do I share my simplest tips on how to survive the pandemic creatively, and so I put my fingers to the keyboard (again) and created a lovely little e-Book “Top Ten Tips to Creatively Surviving The Pandemic”. It’s yours for FREE, or if you’d like….make a small donation and help this artist to continue to create content and spread a little creative love throughout the planet I’m happy to have you do just whatever is right for you!

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