T E A R – Allan Harding MacKay :: How Much Art = Democracy

Canadian War Artist, Allan Harding MacKay destroyed five of his own works, in protest of the Harper-led Canadian government and their erosion of democratic rights. In his “Speak Up, Speak Out” expression, MacKay states, “The value of openness, justice, honesty, fairness and unfettered participation by all MP’s is being held hostage by a government that holds the Parliamentary System in deliberate contempt…”

You can listen more about what Allan has to say in this interview on the radio show “Q”, hosted by Jian Ghomeshi, a former music artist himself. Begging the question, “Why”…or more deeply –  “Who Owns the Work?” goes directly to the root of the sacrifice of the original art. To my mind, driving attention to the government’s tactics is well worth the sacrifice of several works of art, and is an act of art in itself.

Allan sent me this small clip, and there will be more information, discussion and debate over this “act of art” in coming days through Allan’s website. You can visit and review some of the comments, discussions and links at Speak Up Speak Out.

What do you think? How do artists influence politically? What would you do? What do you think a democracy is worth?



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