5 Good Reasons To Quit Your Day Job and Be A Full Time Artist

celebration fireworksSolstice 2011 – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME!! One year in the studio!


One year ago, December 21st, 2010 marked the end of my work in an office and a return to the studio after a 10 year hiatus from full time studio work.


One year later, do I have any regrets? Hell no…except maybe for what’s on my Hell List. Metaphorically, moving out of the dark and into the light with the change of seasons has made a huge difference to our family. There is a right time to make the move to studio work, and that time is always….NOW! Quit making excuses and BE an artist! Get out of that job, away from that oppressing boss of yours and get your fanny in gear.

Of course I had months of angst, deciding to make the move from a secure, bill-paying position at a wonderful arts institution where I was with people that I loved, respected and considered family. Of course I had lots of questions about whether I was making the right decision….was I a good enough artist? Did I have the right stuff to make the leap and pour my heart and soul into my work once again? Did I have the energy to do it? Would it be good for the family? Would I be thrown out on the street, a starving artist?

In the end, the right answer was, it was good for me….and that was really all that mattered.

Do I have any regrets?

Only one….that I left the studio 10 years ago in the first place.

"Undercurrents" by Janice Tanton. ©2011 Oil painting on belgian linen. 40x72.
"Undercurrents" ©2011 Janice Tanton. Oil on linen. 40x72.


5 Good Reasons To Quit Your Day Job and Be a Full Time Artist

1) You will be creating. Human beings create. Be who you are – a human being.

2) You get to use your brain. You show others how to use theirs.

3) You connect dots for human beings. You make things visible that are otherwise unseen or unmentionable. You make a difference, change the way people see things, and say things that need to be said in unique and profound ways. It’s the ultimate form of free speech and expression.

4) You get up when you want, work when you want, play when you want and create what you want.

5) You can make a difference, change the way people see things, and say things that need to be said, sometimes in unique and interesting ways.


Here’s another great post by Fiona Mackrell and some other great reasons for being an artist!

Boo Yah…what she said!!!

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    1. Janice Tanton

      Thanks Monica…and thanks for dropping by. A positive can-do attitude is all you need in life. It’s easy to slide into something else, but more important to find your way out!

  1. Randall Talbot

    Thanks for the inspirational words! Having just made the leap a few days ago, the fears and doubts are still very much in my mind.

    1. Janice Tanton

      Just stay true to your passion and goals, Randall! Don’t be distracted by the shiny things, and you’ll be well on your way. GOOD ON YAH!!!!!

  2. Smeagher61

    There surely must have been some difficult times or circumstances. Could you share any and maybe how you got thru it?

    1. Janice Tanton

      The most difficult decision was making the leap back into full time practice after a 7 year hiatus from going at it really hard. Once that decision was made, it is just good business planning, sticking to your goals, measuring your success on the way and keeping at it. There is no secret to full time professional practice other than you have to do the work, learn and get better all the time. Having a good support network of family, friends and colleagues is very important and being able to share wise practices freely is also key to getting through the tougher times. Be honest with yourself, the calibre of your work and assess the partnerships on an ongoing basis!

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