8 Seconds – TEDxCalgary Features Janice Tanton

I’ve been sorta, kinda, maybe… definitely….kinda…sorta…a little bit HIDING this talk, but I think I got “outted” today by the wonderful folks at TEDxCalgary when they blasted this email today to all the amazing participants and Calgary area folks. I’m learning to celebrate when good things happen, but I still have trouble watching myself in this video.

Honestly…I would have rather gone 8 seconds with the bull at the Stampede.

Thanks to everyone for the comments and to so many of you who have been inspired to have a little creative fun of your own. That makes me feel great!

I look like I’m blowing kisses to the audience, but in fact, I was suffering from a severe case of dry mouth while I was on stage, and had just finished an awesome boob joke following the chicken breast guy that spoke before me. I’m thankful for that, because it sure set me up!

If you haven’t seen the video, there’s a link below.

Enjoy…and CREATE!

TEDxCalgary 8 Seconds Email Photo Featuring Janice Tanton


The Infamous Famous TED Talk

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  1. Janet Vanderhoof

    Janice, watched this lovely video. So glad I have met you. You are brilliant! Isn’t play a great way to enhance creating? You should be proud of this video, please show it to many.

    1. Janice Tanton

      Thanks Janet. I’m glad that you enjoy it. Please feel free to spread the link and the message!

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