Abu Dhabi Art Hub – Call for Canadian Artists Residency February 2014

Art Hub Facility - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Art Hub Facility – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Over the holidays, I was invited to a residency in Abu Dhabi, located in the United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately, I’m just recovering from surgery and not able to travel and work yet, but I’d like to give them a big shout-out and see if there are any other Canadian artists willing to adventure onwards!

Abu Dhabi Art Hub is seeking five Canadian artists for a one month long residency at their new facility. Each month,  five artists from different countries have been invited to live and work for a one month period in Abu Dhabi. Artists from Japan, Hungary, Yemen, Australia, Italy, the United States, Arabia, Mexico, Korea and Eastern Europe have attended as guests. Now it’s Canada’s turn! Unfortunately….I’m not healed enough to attempt such a big trip at this point, but it looks like a wonderful opportunity to build community and exchange with artists from UAE and maybe YOU are ready for such an adventure! If not…please pass along to any interested Canadian artists. Their site has lots of information on the working and living areas, which look beautiful and well-suited to working artists.
Ahmed Al Yafei
Ahmed Al Yafei – Founder/Owner

Abu Dhabi Art Hub was the first artist community to be established in the United Arab Emirates, by Ahmed Al Yafei. In addition to operating artist in residency programs for foreign artists, through Friends of Art Hub and Adopt-an-Artist sponsorships, emerging Emerati artists are eligible to participate in residency programs overseas. It’s a global win-win exchange opportunity for artists.

Have a look at the call:
  • Call for Canadian Artists
    Artist Residency Program
    February 2014

    The Abu Dhabi Art Hub, the first artist community in UAE, is positioned between East and West, as a destination for artists across the world to come together on an intercultural and interactive platform with the facilities, spaces, and opportunity to create, live and a diversity of artistic expressions promoted.
    The Abu Dhabi Art Hub is offering a one month Artist Residency program (February 2014).
    The Residency is open to five individual emerging or established artists from Canada, working in the fields of visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic art), contemporary art (collage, assemblage, mixed-media, video art), decorative arts & crafts (ceramics, mosaic art, tapestry, glass art) and other types of applied art (graphic design, fashion design, etc.).

    The Art Residency includes a working space, accommodation, gallery space as well as technical support and assistance with public relations. In addition, the Abu Dhabi Art Hub offers the artists the possibility to meet local residents and potential interested arts commissioners, to participate in university programs, to experience the intricacies of life in the UAE, and to be part of a final exhibit opening (attended by high representative partners), where artists get a chance to showcase their artwork created during the residency stay.

    The residency will incorporate the following:
    • Studio space
    • Accommodation at the Art Hub
    • Meals
    • Technical equipment (by arrangement and subject to availability)

    Applications require the following information:
    • Artist Application form
    • Artist statement
    • Curriculum vitae and artist photo
    • Artwork samples (at least 20 in jpg or pdf form)
    • Passport copy

    Applications should be sent to arthub@live.com

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