Exposé: Who is this Artist’s Seductive Lover?

White Man ©2010 Janice Tanton. All Rights Reserved. 40"x80"
White Man ©2010 Janice Tanton. All Rights Reserved. 40"x80"

My lover is sometimes big and sometimes small.

My lover is patient. Never starts without me.

My lover accepts colour without prejudice.

My lover allows me other lovers when I desire.

My lover moves and responds to my touch, giving and receiving.

My lover is wet and cannot be touched when I finish.


My lover holds a multitude of lives and experiences within, waiting for me to discover.

My lover holds all the promise in the world.

My lover allows for the most miraculous transformation through form and illusion.

My lover leaves everything to become and leads gently with silence.


My lover understands when I must return to my family, says not a word.

My lover can take many levels and layers of abuse, always bouncing back.

"Red Man" ©2010 Janice Tanton. 40"x80" oil on linen. All Rights Reserved.
"Red Man" ©2010 Janice Tanton. 40"x80" oil on linen. All Rights Reserved.

My lover respects my ideas  before they are realized.

My lover draws from me that which I did not know I was capable of.

My lover’s character and form is one beautiful strong thing, comprised of a million threads running at cross purposes.

My lover holds my fears at bay and does not condemn.

My lover waits….patiently, for me to be ready.


My lover is a blank canvas and I Am an Artist.



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  1. Vanessa

    Janice this is a lovely series of work. The statement with the art leads us on a journey and we end up dreaming of what we perceive our own perfect lover to be. Nicely done, and omg the size of these paintings!! I’d love to see them in person one day!

    1. Janice Tanton

      Glad you enjoyed something scintillating at the end of the day, Vanessa. Those two works are full size of the models – my husband Kevin and good friend & fellow artist, Don McIntyre. It was a rather interesting session that led to the creation of the works, but perhaps I’ll leave that story for another post. 😉

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