Hiatus Over…

" I’m very selective with whom I give my energy to.
I prefer to reserve my time, energy and soul exclusively to those who reflect love."
Janice Tanton

Moving On and Starting Anew.

After a year hiatus from the studio and this blog, I’m going to try and write a bit more and paint a bit more. Having some time off to spend with loved ones, rest and rejuvenate, I still don’t feel rested enough to work the crazy hours in the studio that I did prior to my cancer diagnosis.

I have learned how to slow things down, settle into life, rest and allow my body and mind to have a little time off from thinking about the serious aspects of our world and to give thanks for the family and abundance that is my life.

 Public appearances and engagements are about to become rare in my life.

Family, and my time….is everything.

Not without its challenges, life can throw some pretty tough things our way. Physically, it’s been a year of torn retinas, health issues, painful rehabilitation after Tamoxifen, broken ribs, dislocated thumbs and stitches. Mentally, it’s been a long haul to let go and let my body have time to heal, and to accept that I can only do what my body will carry me through. We have grieved over lost loved ones and had more than our share of sorrows this year, but I am looking forward to renewing my studio work, with some big projects ahead of me, catching up on some delightful commission works for even more delightful clients, and breathing….deeply. 

Care to take my hand and come along for this next journey, dear reader?

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  1. Laura

    Hi Janice, so glad I found your blog. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts and words.

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