Surprises! :: What Art Can Do To Make You Change Your Perspective & Perception

Kevin sent me a link to this wonderful video this morning. It had a couple of “surprises” in it. First of all, I thought he was sending me a link to gardening tips for the mountains. Despite the beauty of this place, I’ve been totally frustrated since moving here from the east and miss my farm and garden. Twice, I’ve had tomato plants freeze on me in the middle of July. Our discussions as of late were around building a raised bed or deck greenhouse. We have very little land area around our leased home and the restrictions the leasing company puts on us to do anything are archaic. We can’t even have a small dog, never mind a chicken or two. I admit getting frustrated by this and keep looking for a way to rebel.

My sad little garden
Surprise! Tomatoes didn’t freeze this year.

Surprise on me. This is an artful little way to bring a bit of the garden back into my life, a project by Steve Wheen….and I think I might try a few “guerilla gardens” around town for therapy.

Art can cause us to think – to make connections between things that we would not necessarily connect but yet upon discovering them, seem to be totally obvious. The beauty of art like this lies in it’s ability for us to change our perspective and perceptions of the world around us – to imagine the seemingly unimaginable and to make change where change is required. Good art holds a mirror up to ourselves and shows us our backsides….what we normally cannot see, or do not want to see! This IS…a beautiful thing, if only we take the time to look. – Janice Tanton

And by the way, I have managed so far to keep one large potted tomato plant alive and bearing fruit this season! I might be “surprised” enough to have one delicious toasted tomato sandwich with my family this season.

Small victories….small victories.

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