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Study - The Seeker : Graphite on paper. ©Janice Tanton 2017.

Need a little boost? Check out Jake, Julio and Julio.

“Study – The Seeker” ©2018 Janice Tanton.

Our family lives, breathes, sleeps and eats “The Arts”. It’s an “All In The Family” kind of thing. With the onset of COVID-19, the arts in many venues has ceased to exist and we are without income or in-person performance venues and teaching studios.

Economics for artists, musicians and performers in all disciplines has come to a standstill with cancelled performances and the cultural sector all pretty much thrown out of a job and without an income.

It’s a tough go in the best of times for those of us who are in the arts.

Despite government cuts and this dire situation, the arts are alive. I’ve seen musicians, poets, artists…all take to the internet like ducks to water and offer their services, performances and insights up to boost our spirits and offer thought and care to nurture the spirit of our humanity. I’m personally neck-deep in setting up FREE Online Beginner Drawing Courses, so stay tuned!

Yesterday morning, I got a little surprise when I signed into Facebook. I woke to find my musician son Jake, has done his part and been busy in the studio offering up a little something to cheer us up. Jake’s band “Zebra” can’t meet together and even practice together in their studio at the moment, so he thought he’d try something new. It brought a smile to my face and keeps me feeling a little happier. I hope it will perk you up too!

Way to go, kid. Made your Momma proud.

Jake and Jake

Check out Zebra’s music HERE on Bandcamp.
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