Re-gifting a Robin’s Reminder

Little Robin Redbreast

I think there is a little bit of perfection in every morning, but especially those that begin early with a waking by the sound of a robin singing outside one’s window. That’s how this morning began at 5:00 am, even before the sun had peeked it’s way over the eastern ranges into my day.

I am a light sleeper and Kevin and I are usually up at 4:30 every morning. He…to work, and me because I love the dawn and quiet of a new day beginning to weave itself into something beautiful. It gives me time to contemplate a painting when I am fresh and my mind is uncluttered from the daily tasks of living.

For too many months, the robins and the birds have been silent in this cold mountain world. It’s been a long, hard winter for many who live here, and everyone is happy to see spring sprunging itself. Even the die-hard skiers I know are ready to quit the snow.

The song of the robin was made even sweeter by the silence of the early morning around it and the long winter preceding it.

It’s reminded me of how I used to watch and listen to them in the towering red maple tree outside my bedroom window where I lived in Oshawa as a child. It’s reminded me how precious those days were and how much love I received growing up. It’s reminded me of my grandfather lifting me up into the crabapple tree in his backyard so I might catch a glimpse of the pure blue robin’s eggs in her nest. It’s reminded me how the colour of those eggs matched my grandfather’s eyes, and it reminded me…… about how much I miss him. It’s also made me a bit more homesick for the songbirds, the many colours of a maple tree and the lakes of the east.

Every day is new. Every day has it’s gifts. Every day has some “awe” in it. I’m already grateful at 6:00 am that I’ve received a precious song reminder of all the beauty that is in my life. My hope is to regift it to you.


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  1. La Alicia

    thanks for sharing your reminder — totally enjoyed it! 😉

    1. Janice Tanton

      …and it is the time for Robin’s everywhere! Glad you enjoyed it!

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