Rock the Boat! One Artist’s Experience in Haida Gwaii

Tanu'u Woman. ©2013 Janice Tanton. Digital print.
Tanu’u Woman. ©2013 Janice Tanton. Digital print.

One year ago today, I left Canmore for Haida Gwaii and a life-changing artist’s residency at Gwaii Haanas National Park. In a month’s time, I learned more than I could absorb, met new family and friends, saw, touched, smelled and heard things that were literally Super-Natural and was inspired and welcomed with open arms by the Haida Nation and the islanders.

I yearn to return there – more than anything in my life that I’ve wished for. I need to show my family everything there that I experienced. I’d move in a heartbeat. The inspiration has taken me a whole year of thinking, battling and painting to begin to work out. Haa’wa to all my friends and family on HG. I think of you every day.

In this short year, Harper’s government has slashed funding to Parks Canada and as a result, the same program that inspired me so, is no longer in place. No mind. I’m more determined than ever to express the beauty and mystery that just one oil tanker spill could destroy. All this time spent sick has given me time to think, and once I am on my feet….well, let’s just say I’m making it my life’s work.

Pledge to something or someone important in your life. As an artist, this is your duty.

Rock the boat.

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  1. Cheoy Lee

    It sounds beautiful – thanks for sharing your wonderful prose!

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