Three MUST WATCH Art Videos – James Gurney, Monkey Farter, & John Cleese

There is so much incredible content available to artists on the internet that it’s hard to filter through all the “beauties” that fall in our lap.

Here are three different, but beautiful, and hilarious videos that I’ve come across in the past two days. Thanks to the brilliance of James Gurney – a consummate, prolific artist whose popular blog, Gurney Journey is one of the best and a must-follow for artists, have a look at how he re-visions on the spot at the Plein Air Convention in Monterey. (which looks like a great place to learn and mix with other plein air painters from across North America!)


Now this one just about made me wet my pants when I tripped over it on YouTube. A brilliant “critique” of the work “Monkey Farter” by the artist known as Will….

Funny begets funny. This vintage clip shows a young John Cleese, Ringo Starr and Peter Sellers in a hilarious art spoof. Classic!

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