Grace QOTD: Who do the voodoo? We do the voodoo! Solstice time….

I've been fighting some debilitating pain in my neck, shoulder and painting arm for quite some time. Over the past year, physic, massage and finally surgery just a few weeks back seem to have all been the voodoo I needed to take a step in the right direction. I'll be honest. It's been really frustrating not to be able to paint my heart and soul out as quickly as I would like to, and it has been worrisome building up to the surgery. Ten years ago, I had a small cyst on the back of my neck removed. Wouldn't you know it - I'm in that rare 1-2% of " can grow back". Ten years later, this nasty thing decided to make a return appearance but in a larger form, and it has been causing a lot of health issues. We have all been a bit worried about how it would go...doing everything to make it as easy as possible and hope for the best after surgery. There's been a lot of men around this house pretending they are Arnold..."It's just a too-mah!"

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Grace QOTD: Religious Indoctrination & Education

Grace attended a catholic school for her kindergarten year of school. It was the only school in our district area that offered full time kindergarten. For us, it was that....or quit my day job. She was ready....she was pumped....and I was a bit worried to be honest with you. Young minds are impressionable. Absolute indoctrination at any point in one's life, I consider unhealthy.

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