Janice Tanton Represented by Effusion Art Gallery

We are very excited to announce that Effusion Art Gallery of Invermere, BC. is representing Janice's works in the Columbia Valley area, extending from Golden to the BC/USA border. This beautiful mountain and lake area is a favourite of Calgarians and international visitors who flock to Invermere to enjoy the unique combination of scenery, sport and culture.

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Off The Easel :: “Just Before The Storm”

This is the last image that our family saw as we were coming back from a trip to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, AB in 2010. After this....we saw nothing but three feet of snow and sleet ahead of us on the road. An extreme freak storm in April claimed the lives of eight people in road accidents all around us. We were very lucky.

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“Here To Stay” – Is Now Off The Easel!

It's very difficult if not impossible to capture the real jewel-like quality in a oil painting on linen with a camera. The many glazes in this work all weave together to give an amazing optical effect in person, so I urge you to visit Elevation Gallery to view the work....before it's gone!

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Inside Out/Outside In :: The Banff Centre – Midsummer Ball Fundraiser

It's that time of year again when Canada's arts and culture philanthropists gather to support the arts and wonderful programming at The Banff Centre by attending the Midsummer Ball. I've donated one of my works again this year (listed above) for the Midsummer Ball Auction at The Banff Centre to support a woman artist or arts administrator enrolled in an Aboriginal Leadership program. Check it out and bid!

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The Red Canoes – Sacred & Modern…

As summer approaches, I've been out tire-kicking ...or "paddle-kicking".....for a new red canoe of our own. For now, since it's still pretty cold and the rivers are high in the mountains.... I'll be content to craft them with a brush, one by one....in my studio, remembering fondly the warm lakes of the east that wait for us.

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