The Importance of NOT Being In Earnest – The Underpainting

Getting an idea out of my heart and head is not always easy. Sometimes it comes together, and sometimes it doesn't. I wanted to try a different approach to my work and underpaintings on this group, which are slated for exhibition from my Gwaii Haanas Artist In Residence experience. The colours on the underpainting are different from how I generally combine the subject and technique. I've taken an approach to combine the quick onsite plein-air experience with the more academic figurative approach. So far, it's coming along, and I anticipate that it will provide the results that I'm looking for.

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The Blessings :: Today I Exhale

"When you've got friends to wish you'll find a point when you will exhale" And with that, I've begun my residency. What a blessing to see folks that have been participants and co-workers in both arts and administrative capacities, from all corners of the world. It was a flurry of activity, and also quite strange - almost like being transported back into a space that I'd long ago left.

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The Artist’s Daughter – Classical Realism

I'm pleased to present the finished work, "The Artist's Daughter". Featured in earlier posts, and the subject of a process video (see links below), this has been an important work for me - not only because my model and muse is my daughter Grace, but because it was my first concentrated effort in creating a figurative work in a classical style.

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Works In Progress – Emergence of Spirit

Process is everything. Arriving at the destination is always so much less than the journey when it comes to creating - for me, anyhow. The thrill is in seeing how things emerge, the spirit that comes through...or in some cases, drops back from the original concept in a piece. There is so much learning. There is so much learning and this is what excites me about painting. It is different every day.

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Shake It Up :: Get Loose :: Work The Muscles…I Can’t Do The Same Thing Forever.

Any time that I spend a lengthy time working on tight, classic's too much for me. My creative muscles atrophy; my brain keeps me up all night and I feel like I'm trudging along, thermos and lunchpail, to my shift at the factory studio.

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