Press Release: TEDxCalgary – Breaking Through: Exploring the frontiers of ideas and action

Janice Tanton Logo (large)FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE::

We are excited to announce that Janice will be one of the speakers on June 4, 2011 for TEDxCalgary.

The theme of TEDxCalgary this year is “Breaking Through: Exploring the frontiers of ideas and actions.

“I hope am humbly honoured (not to mention a bit nervous!) to share what I have discovered through art with the TEDxCalgary participants.” – Janice Tanton

You can apply to attend TEDxCalgary and join a group of interested folks from 12 noon to 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 4th at the Glenbow Museum theatre. The lineup of speakers include:

“TEDxCalgary 2011: Breaking Through will bring you the stories of many modern explorers. In their own ways, they’re exploring the frontiers of ideas and actions that help us to better understand and work with the complex systems that surround us: agriculture and food, education, medicine, global conflict, leadership and collaboration, and others.

It is as much about the perseverance and discipline of making profound breakthroughs in thought and action as it is about the discovery itself. Speakers have visited many of the frontiers in their fields, and bring back their perspective on a crucial dimension of moving forward toward the future; grappling with and improving the many systems within which we live day-to-day. They will open your mind to the possibilities of change that they’ve helped to bring about through their own efforts. More importantly, they will give you a chance to take up the challenge of their work and make your own even more powerful discoveries.”

For more information or to apply to attend, please visit:

TEDxCalgary 2011: Breaking Through

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