Janice Tanton - Full Time Human Being, Independent Artist

I am Janice Iniskimaki Tanton, Independent Artist.

It’s great to be independent…I call it being a Full Time Human Being.

It means I have autonomy and full artistic license and control over my work and I can exercise my freedom of speech, share my thoughts, my work and dialogue with you on this forum, (and have YOU share here too.) I hope it develops a community of Full Time Human Beings.

Being Independent means I guide my career, make my own decisions, invest in my own projects and take responsibility and accountability for everything that I do. I’ve been at it for over 25 years because I believe that I’m making a sound investment, not for myself – but for humanity. I stand behind what I’m doing. I believe in it, simply because it feels right in my heart and should. Audiences, galleries, collectors, fellow artists and supporters show me their appreciation and love in so many different ways.

I’ve put a lot of work and thought into my career and my life and I feel strongly that this is how I best participate in the world around me…this is how I connect. This is how I contribute. This is how I affect and share. It takes a great deal of time each day, and every day.

If you are in a position to be a patron of the arts & humanity, to donate something to an Artist such as myself, then plea know your contribution is greatly appreciated and also well-used. I am not using donations to go on beach vacations or any other personal reasons. (I sunburn easily and I just don’t have the time. There’s too much art to make for one lifetime!) Your donations are put towards the time in writing and maintaining this blog (which I do all myself), disseminating the works and developing new projects.

At any one time, I have multiple projects in the works and at different stages of development. I’m painting, and/or writing and/or researching and/or developing and preparing for an exhibition…I am god-smaked every time anyone makes a donation. I am humbled, honoured, grateful and touched.

I will keep working, with or without donations, so…please, in no way feel pressured to make one. It simply occurred to me when someone asked me once how they could help me…that there may be others, and so here is an avenue to do so. In any case, no matter what – be true to yourself, express love in all that you do and we’ll all turn out okay.

BE…a Full Time Human Being. 

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