Genius Teacher and Guru, Artist Jerry Fresia

Cover shot - Jerry Fresia - The Practice and Philosophy of French Impressionism
The Practice and Philosophy of French Impressionism by Jerry Fresia

Right then. Let’s make this simple. You NEED to have this book.

If you are an artist in the true sense of the word, you owe it to yourself to give this a thorough read and practice with intention, the philosophy and methods.

Jerry Fresia is an expert in “becoming” a painter’s painter. His approach in tackling French Impressionism is a must-know tool in every artist’s arsenal, no matter the genre, medium or intent of your own personal work. Everyone can take away something of value and learn from this kind, intelligent painter’s guru. I have personally learned more from Jerry than I ever could have hoped for. He is a gracious man, willing to give his time and knowledge and engage you in the philosophy as well as the skills of this method.

If you are looking for a hands-on experience with Jerry, you can pack your smock and straw hat and head to Lenno, Italy, on the shores of beautiful Lake Como to indulge yourself with some one on one instruction.

Jerry and his wife, Conchitina, host (and I mean HOST – she’s a gourmet cook!) workshops at their gorgeous lakeside Villa de Herraro. One and two week courses are scheduled in April, May, September and October of 2011. Running  Sunday through Saturday with all of your painting materials supplied, you will be wined, dined and turpentined to your heart’s content.

They offer accommodation in their villa (a studio apartment with a private bath, kitchenette and 2 French double beds as well as a Mac laptop and WiFi…….I want this one!) Accommodation can also be arranged at San Giorgio Hotel and Albergo Lenno, both looking on the internet like they are well worth the relaxing Italian stay on the shores of Lago Di Como. Did I mention George Clooney is a neighbour?

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of Jerry’s book, (and you should be!), you can order and view it HERE . At only $44.95 CDN, that’s a whole lotta art education on the topic.

For the chance to learn from the master himself, visit Fresia Studios or email Jerry or Conchitina directly from their site.


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