Yes! We’ve Upgraded our Site Feeds: GOOD and AWESOME News.

Good morning everyone! Baby…it’s cold outside!
Well…we live in the mountains, what else should I expect in the middle of January!?

Just a quick technical note to everyone that as of today, I’ve upgraded the feed for the Full Time Human Being blog from Feedburner to FeedBlitz. The Full Time Human Being feed has a ton of subscribers and some of you have opted for email updates while others have opted for RSS feeds. ( I’m learning and Phil from FeedBlitz gave me a hand this morning with all of this, including the setup. Wow, was I ever impressed with him, the speed of service and the awesome humour as he geeked onwards and fixed all the stuff I broke while trying to set this up. Thank you, Phil!)

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Email Subscribers

The GREAT NEWS is that those of you who have subscribed to this blog and newsletter (thank you…thank you…thank you….) via email: won’t have to do a darned thing. You should still receive the blog updates in your email as they are written.

I’ll repeat – if you’ve subscribed by email…

You Don’t Have To Do A Darned Thing.


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RSS Subscribers

The AWESOME NEWS is that those of you who’ve subscribed by RSS Feeds will need to do one little thing to update your feed FOREVER and simple just update it with this new feed address:




Good and Awesome. That’s it! Happy reading, and thank you all for following me, commenting and contributing to this community of Full Time Human Beings.


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