Grace QOTD – "on genesis…."

The Birth of Sky Woman ©2009 Janice Tanton.
"The Birth of Sky Woman" ©2009 Janice Tanton. Oil on canvas.

(Period of serene quiet. Sound of bedroom door opening.

Enter Grace yelling at the top of her lungs ….)

“MOM!!!!!!!!         Who came first ????? ……Dinosaurs, Skywoman or Jesus? I think these cartoons are WRONG and I am CONNFUUUUUUSED.”

(long pause as I think how to answer this)

AND…if Skywoman came first and The Creator made HER, then WHO made The Creator and how did BEAVER and OTTER REALLY get in the POND?”

(long pause as I consider the options…..)

“Can you just MAKE yourself? Don’t you have to just come out of SOMEbody’s VAGINA or EGG?”

(Sound of bedroom door closing. Sound of older brothers snickering. Sound of mother escaping yet another detailed philosophical and theological explanation on life with a six year old.)

-I am officially a Full Time Human Being.

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