Grace QOTD – on Grade 1 Urban Legends

Right… here we are, having a lovely snowy Saturday morning breakfast, replete with french crepes….and the topic of scary stuff came up.

Grace: “Kaylen’s friend told her and Kaylen told me that um….a girl was getting married and and she tripped on her wedding dress and fell on the candles and now she’s a ghost forever in the girl’s bathroom………..It would be more awesome if it was in the boy’s bathroom.”

Grace’s  BONUS QOTD:

“You feel something every day. Your clothes.

Grace’s Post-Script Comment:

“My best friend is a ghost. His name is Rylan and he has kids and a dog. He lives in our house.”

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  1. Dea Fischer

    Go with it girl. Our little ones see more than we do.

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